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Sales Call Planner | PlanMyCall App

Ensure Sales Skill Execution Using CRM Tools for Sales Call Planning and Reflection

Earning a customer call demands considerable front-loaded costs. Effective call planning ensures that those costs yield results like increased credibility, a shortened sales cycle, and the freedom to listen to the customer without the burden of in-the-moment planning. Time with the customer is too precious to leave to chance.

Richardson Sales Performance and SPI’s PlanMyCall app is a Salesforce application that embeds our renowned planning and learning guides directly into your organisation’s Salesforce workflow so that sales teams can deliver engaging dialogues while continually developing and strengthening their skills. Preparation, self-reflection, and coaching are the cornerstones of successful sales teams. The PlanMyCall app makes these behaviours easier to adopt and helps build a real culture of accountability.

Watch this video to learn how the PlanMyCall App works in Salesforce to improve call planning and enhance visibility.

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Sales Call Planning

Planning is one of the most important drivers of a successful customer interaction. By using the Sales Call Planner, sales professionals are prompted to apply the Consultative Selling methodology and avoid potential pitfalls in planning, thereby increasing their chances of success.

By defining your call objective and developing strategies to Know Your Customer, Know Your Fit, and Know Your Strategy, the PlanMyCall app can bring a consultative selling mindset to your calls and increase your sales results.

Sales Call Reflection

Reflection after the sales meeting is the process of examining an interaction with the customer to gain insight into how sales professionals can improve on their selling skills, and how they move forward with the sales opportunity. Many reps reflect on the meeting result, but few reflect on their use of skills and opportunities to increase their effectiveness in their customer dialogues.

With the PlanMyCall app, sales professionals are prompted to quickly and easily reflect on their customer interaction. The process of identifying positives and gaps in their use of the skills results in learning how to be more effective in all future customer conversations. But critically important, it also illuminates needed actions to take with that customer on that opportunity now.

Manager Coaching Planner

With the PlanMyCall app, sales managers have the advantage of planning and scheduling coaching conversations with their team. It helps facilitate coordination between sales professionals and their managers, creating valuable opportunities for feedback. Managers are able to reflect on each call and then compare their team’s responses to their own. This enables insightful coaching conversations so that sales professionals can continually improve their skills.

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By putting call planning at your fingertips within your Salesforce workflow, companies are finding it easy to prioritise planning, reflection, and coaching with Richardson Sales Performance and SPI’s PlanMyCall app.[/caption]

Richardson Sales Performance and Sales Performance International's PlanMyCall App Features

  • Lightweight native salesforce application developed with our customers in mind
  • Quick and simple installation into your Salesforce environment
  • Ability for organisations to easily customise areas of the planner that they may want to adjust
  • Built-in reporting for the organisation and the managers to see usage of planners and coaching events

Key Features

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    • 12%5-12% Increase in Revenue

    • 24%Improvement in skill efficiency

    • 35%Increase in knowledge proficiency

    • 900Global Clients

    • 3.5M+Individuals Trained

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