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Opportunity Pursuit Tools Bridge the Gap Between Skill Development and Sales Execution

A key part of improving sales team performance is having the right sales enablement tools in place to provide a structure for a repeatable methodology for sales execution.

To support the practical application of sales skills and build best practices into the sales process Richardson Sales Performance offers a customized suite of opportunity pursuit tools built as native applications within the Opportunity page of your Salesforce environment.

salesforce sales enablement tools

These tools are offered as a standalone solution or as part of a sustainment strategy following formal training.

Richardson Sales Performance’s Opportunity Pursuit Tools Suite

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Key Players List

The Key Players list enables sales professionals to manage all the important individuals within an opportunity and capture their specific business issues based on best practice examples provided by marketing.

The tool captures:

    • The industry and job role of the most important contacts within the opportunity 
    • Contact details synced from Salesforce 
    • Indicate the informal role the contact plays within the opportunity, and if the critical business issue has been validated 
    • Select the right pain (business issue) in a list automatically populated based on the contact’s industry and job role, and supplied by marketing 

Thanks to the Key Players List, salespeople can: 

    • Visualize the Key Players and most important critical business issues within their opportunity 
    • Determine the Key Player’s role in the decision-making process and if the business issue has been validated 
    • Connect with the right contacts and prepare a conversion based on the prospect’s critical issue(s) 

Sales Conversation Prompter

Sales Conversation Prompter tool is used as an automated conversation guide that provides sellers with instant access to marketing approved business issues, reasons, questions to ask, and simple ways to convey your key capabilities. 

    • In each Key player profile, based on the job role, industry and pain selected, a list of potential reasons for the pain sellers can choose from, is displayed  
    • When the seller selects a reason, a list of drill-down questions is suggested to help the seller guide the conversationcollect detailed information on the contact’s business issue and quantify the issue 
    • A capability statement is also provided for each reason selected to enable the seller to best convey the key capabilities which is best suited for the prospect’s situation 

By using the Sales Conversation Prompter, sellers can: 

    • Navigate critical business issues, related reasons, and capability statements to build a vision in the buyer’s mind 
    • Master the techniques of effective Consultative Sales Conversations 
    • Capture the buyer’s responses within the tool in real-time

Sponsor and Power Sponsor Letter 

The Sponsor and Power Sponsor letter tool provides automated and structured communications templates to ensure that business issues, reasons, and capabilities are conveyed in a logical manner to buyers. The tool gives sales teams the ability to:

    • Track key elements of the conversation prompter are automatically populated based on the seller’s conversation with the client (including the pains, reasons, capability statements) 
    • Access templates and various letter styles to align with their specific seller situation 
    • Send letters through Salesforce or copy it and send it through their messaging system 

By using the Sponsor and Power Sponsor Letter, sellers can: 

    • Use a structured, editable email template which seamlessly integrates the key elements of the Consultative Conversation 
    • Use various types of email templatesprovided to sellers to remain aligned with their client’s communication styles 
    • Confirm the sales conversation and gain agreement to move forward 
    • Engage buyers so that they take action by providing tailored follow-up responses throughout the sales cycle 

Strength of Sale Check

Strength of Sale Check provides an objective assessment of opportunities to guide coaching strategy and develop a plan to win.  The tool gives sales teams the ability to:

  • Grade opportunities on critical success criteria defined by our Solution Selling® Success Formula 
  • Complete multiple Strength of Sale Checks on a given opportunity to view the opportunity’s progress over time 

By using the Strength of Sale Check, sellers can: 

    • Objectively assess opportunities to define their plan to win 
    • Provide clear and objective information to their sales manager, necessary for opportunity reviews 

Sales managers can: 

    • Identify the areas of improvements or the blocking points in an opportunity 
    • Help their sellers define or adjust their plan to win 
    • Coach their sellers on the areas they need to improve 

Collaboration Plan

The tool provides an automated collaboration template which provides an intuitive approach to build and share a mutually agreed-upon plan. The tool gives sales teams the ability to:

    • Add manually or select from best practice examples provided by marketing, any type of activity or event (such as phone interviews, assessments etc.) 
    • Assign each activity, add a due date and ensure to mark the “Go/No-Go” activities (when the buyer will be able to decide to stop or continue the process) 
    • Safely and easily share the plan with the buyer directly from Salesforce 
    • Be notified when the buyer views and edits the plan 

By using a Collaboration Plan, sellers can: 

    • Build a mutually agreed-upon plan to support collaborating with the buyer towards a won opportunity 
    • Ensure buyer/seller alignment with decision makers (Power) 
    • Provide a structured approach to collaborate with the client throughout the sales cycle 

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