Manage People Program Descriptions

Manage People — Front line managers are the greatest points of leverage a sales organization has to increase the performance of the sales force. Richardson offers practical skills and tools to increase performance and retention to help sales managers maximize talent and resources to:Select, Develop, Coach, Evaluate, and Reward.

Leading Effective Meetings

Richardson’s Leading Effective Sales Meetings gives sales managers the “empowering process” and skills to change the sales team’s typical attitude toward sales meetings and create a forum that is highly participative and interactive.  Through highly customized cases and exercises, sales managers practice how to be “in sync” rather than “on stage,” and to “team” rather than “tell.”   Participants work through the critical success factors of an effective meeting and practice strategies such as volleying questions back to the group, brainstorming, and problem solving so that over time the sales team becomes more responsible for the quality of the meetings.  Participants also learn to ensure productivity and reflect the output of the meeting agenda through a “Decision Minutes” action planning format that gives shared responsibility for note taking and inspires accountability and results.

Remote Coaching
Richardson’s Remote Coaching Program helps sales managers to overcome the challenges of managing and developing team members across geographies and time zones without sustained face-to-face contact.  The Program teaches “long distance” coaching strategies to support team members in achieving their objectives, foster growth, and motivate.  Through highly customized scenarios, participants apply a Remote Coaching Framework that uses much of the Developmental Coaching philosophy and process and adds key discussion elements focused on performance metrics that lie at the heart of remote coaching and relationship building.  Participants also develop strategic coaching plans, practice skills, and develop strategies for implementing the plans by optimizing the remote channels of telephone, voice mail, e-mail, instant messaging, and team conference calls.  The Remote Coaching session also includes a brief administrative update.
Coaching Problem Performers

Richardson’s Coaching Problem Performers Program teaches sales managers to use Consequence Coaching, which is a convergence of both Developmental and Evaluative Coaching.  Consequence Coaching is developmental in that it is supportive and offers encouragement and evaluative in that it includes a grading/documentation aspect.  Unlike Developmental Coaching where the guiding philosophy is “They talk first,” Consequence Coaching does not ask the salesperson for his or her perception since that has usually been done several times in prior coaching sessions.  Instead, the coach talks first and provides his or her perception of where things stand, the standards a salesperson is required to meet, specifically what is unacceptable, what needs to happen, and the consequences of not doing so.  Program participants use highly customized cases and exercises to bring to life the four-part Consequence Coaching Model and practice real-life coaching dialogues.

Motivating High Performers
Richardson’s Motivating High Performers Program helps sales managers use process and skill to provide high-impact praise.  Using highly customized cases and exercises, participants practice a Praise Model to acknowledge the accomplishments of top performers, use questioning skills to help them share and savor the moment, and leverage their accomplishments to help others on the team.  Participants practice how to resist the temptation of mixing constructive feedback with praise and instead allow the salesperson to bask in the praise by discussing the specifics that led to the success.  They also practice tailoring motivational strategies to individual team members, sharing feedback upward when appropriate, and linking rewards to behavior.


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