Lead People Sales Training Program Descriptions

Lead People — Richardson works directly with sales leaders in developing the strategies and tactical skills to build and sustain a strong sales culture within the organization.From vision through execution, Richardson provides consulting, executive coaching, and training resources to:Organize, Strategize, Focus, Role Model, and Motivate.

 High Impact Speeches
 Richardson’s High Impact Speeches Program provides a Consultative Framework and skills to help sales professionals give highly compelling, audience-focused speeches. While the program includes delivery skills, the real heart of the seminar is focused on helping participants to think more strategically about the needs of the audience during preparation so presenters “hit the mark” with the presentation theme and message.  Participants work through every facet of the speech structure to more effectively open with confidence and presence, tour the agenda, and deliver the key content by persuasively positioning stories, examples, and sound bites.  Participants also practice how to support the message with visuals, summarize the speech with impact by leaving the audience with “food for thought,” smoothly transition to Q&A, tactfully field objections, and close with a move to action as appropriate.
 Leaders Leading Change
Sales organizations focusing solely on change at the level of the individual salespeople and the frontline sales managers do not maximize their investment or minimize their risk in driving a successful sales development initiative.  To address this gap, our senior consultants can facilitate a process to guide your leaders to define and embrace their role in sponsoring this initiative and to drive adoption of sustained behavior change through the ranks.
Sales Management Training
 Richardson’s Sales Management Program helps sales managers to understand and differentiate the critical roles they must play as both leaders and managers and be passionate about the personal and professional growth to be experienced as they lead their teams.  Through highly customized activities and exercises, participants apply to their own organizations the five critical success factors for leadership:  Vision, Focus and Discipline, Role Modeling, Empowerment, and Initiative.  The Program is highly interactive and results-oriented — participants will create a focused, compelling Vision Statement and a strategy to communicate this shared vision to the team, set “game plan” goals and objectives for the team by which success can be measured, learn a Model for managing change as well as how to deal with resistance to change, and develop strategies to inspire team members to live in the Stretch Zone and continuously exceed expectations for clients as well as themselves.  Managers who begin the day as task-focused “doers” will end the day better prepared to also be leaders who think about the “big picture” and inspire others to follow their example.
Coaching the Coach Program
 Richardson’s Coaching the Coach Program provides a process that senior managers can use to prepare for and engage in successful coaching dialogues as they help managers achieve their revenue and relationship objectives.  The Program gives senior managers the confidence and skills to overcome common challenges faced when “coaching the coach,” such as resistance from managers who feel they are too experienced to be coached or reluctance from managers who feel threatened that they will not be perceived as effective if they receive coaching.  Using a four-part Developmental Coaching Framework, senior managers learn to provide incremental feedback that is directly linked to achieving business objectives.  Through highly customized scenarios, senior managers practice the critical skill at the heart of Developmental Coaching that “lets them talk first” — in other words, instead of “telling” sales managers what to do, a developmental coach uses a strategic process and questioning skills to help sales managers uncover obstacles and create their own solutions.  As a result, senior managers are strong role models and collaboratively “walk the walk,” sales managers self coach and feel mutual respect toward their bosses, and the organization fosters a culture that seeks and values feedback as an integral part of everyday business.


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