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Companies make substantial investments in training and talent management within their sales organizations, yet research shows that 79% of what is learned is forgotten within three months. Now, you can energize and sustain your sales training investment with SAVO Sales Process Pro for Richardson™.

Maximize Your Sales Training Investment!

SAVO Sales Process Pro for Richardson is a CRM-enabled tool that will maximize sales training investment with a focus on continuous reinforcement and coaching at every stage of the sales cycle. This innovative platform gives your sellers an edge by systematically reinforcing  training by automating and aggregating sales pursuit activities, such as opportunity planning and account mapping.  Through robust analytics, Sales Process Pro for Richardson also provides sales leaders with better forecast accuracy and real-time visibility into seller behavior and deal quality, while holding them accountable for verifiable outcomes at each stage of an opportunity.


How it works:

The SAVO Sales Process Pro Richardson Edition integrates with SFDC and other CRM applications. Users can access information from their computer or mobile device to seamlessly complete and track all tasks. Other core features of the SAVO Sales Process Pro Richardson Edition include:

  • Pre-configured for Richardson sales process, but customizable to your methodology:  The SAVO Sales Process Pro Richardson Edition is pre-configured with Richardson’s best practices sales process but is fully customizable to include your sales process, priorities, and objectives.
  • Dynamic recommendation engine:  People and sales assets are delivered to the salesperson based on the specifics of each opportunity; users don’t have to search for resources because the system suggests them.
  • Planning and relationship mapping:  Easy-to-use tools allow sales reps to graphically map account and opportunity contacts and relationships. 
  • Proactive Coaching:  Customer Dialogue and Opportunity Assessment coaching are recommended at each deal stage.  An objective Deal Quality Index enables sales leaders to identify and coach opportunities in jeopardy.
  • Insight dashboards and benchmarks:  Leaders can track process adherence and successful sales execution patterns.  Individual sales reps see how their sales behavior compares to top performers. 

Drive Better Sales Results

SAVO Sales Process Pro for Richardson provides you with a clear view of your team’s pipeline and the performance issues that might be clogging it.  With SAVO Sales Process Pro Richardson Edition, your sales team will be able to:

  • Identify deals in jeopardy — while there’s still time to save them. 
  • Objectively measures key indicators of deal progression. 
  • Help sales leaders identify, refine, and scale successful selling patterns with robust analytics. 
  • Calculate the health of current sales activity and likelihood of success with the built-in Deal Quality Index.
  • Change behaviors by embedding compliance into sales reps’ everyday workflow and systematically capturing best practices.
  • Reinforce your processes and objectives as they were developed and trained by Richardson.

Why Richardson and SAVO? 

Richardson and SAVO have joined together to help your sales team to win more. Together, we share the same focus of providing your team with the right sales tools, coaching, and mobile capabilities to effectively align your sellers to the buying process. Jointly, we provide the insight to help your sales managers ensure that their sales reps and/or resellers are pursuing high-quality, winnable opportunities and that your forecast is accurate and reliable.

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