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eBook: A Guide to Measuring Sales Training Effectiveness

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Summary: Measurement is an integral part of our lives. How can it not be an element of sales training (especially when so much is at stake, considering both dollars spent and the potential for performance improvement)? reported that, for 2013, the most recent numbers published, companies in North America spent approximately $142 billion dollars on training; globally, the investment in training was approximately $307 billion. These are significant numbers. So, when someone asks me why they should have a measurement strategy, my short answer is, “Why wouldn’t you?” How could any organization not grab the opportunity to measure progress made, or the lack of results, when committing big dollars to training their people? To start, and before implementing any training program, you need a baseline. This helps to establish where you’re at now and to make sure that you get to your ultimate destination, with all employees improving their skills and adopting the desired behaviors. Consider this truism: what gets measured gets done. Measurement shines a light on what is important. Just knowing that management is observing, monitoring, or assessing behavior will change it. Measurement provides an added value to the learning for individuals; they know that proficiency matters. This eBook provides a comprehensive guide to measuring the effectiveness of a sales training initiative.