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Driving Sales Effectiveness

What is Sales Effectiveness?

Sales effectiveness refers to a company’s ability to generate sales. Greater sales effectiveness means driving sales performance by winning the right kind of customers that drive meaningful progress towards broader financial and operational goals.

The term encompasses the various aspects of a business that must perform to create more wins. Therefore, true sales efficiency requires a coordinated effort from not only the sales team but also marketing, operations, and the C-level team. In the following video, Richardson CEO, John Elsey, shares the 5 Keys to Transforming Your Sales Organization.

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How to Drive Sales Effectiveness


Sales effectiveness starts by defining the KPIs that matter most to you and the critical selling skills you need to drive them right now.

At Richardson, we believe the most direct path to improving selling skills is with a customized Learner’s Journey and a detailed Measurement Plan to validate impact.

Our process includes:

  • Understanding your current, and desired-state KPIs
  • Identifying and prioritizing the specific sales activities and coaching behaviors that impact your KPIs.
  • Designing the right blended approach for your team, using a market-tested curriculum customized to your unique selling environment.
  • Aligning your organization around the most important components of your strategy, and linking selling behaviors to the outcomes you seek.
  • Create a Measurement Plan to quantify business impact and inform the learning program.


The Richardson learning experience begins virtually with sales training on our Accelerate platform. This sales effectiveness tool is a place where sellers and sales managers are immediately engaged and prepared to learn.

A media-rich, video-based environment guides them through their learning journeys, in which they see, try, and apply new selling concepts in preparation for their classroom workshop.

Once in the workshop, expert facilitators utilize our proprietary learning methodology to challenge and motivate sellers. We ensure retention and sales performance in the field with our mobile-based mastery program.

The intuitive Active Learning Model includes:

  • Baseline assessments that drive intention to change – an important precursor to actual behavior change.
  • Formative quizzes during the program to check progress and redirect learning.
  • Confidence scoring, which allows learners to self-identify topics that make sense to them and those that feel awkward.
  • Media-rich, interactive content to learn what great (and not so great) looks like.


When you partner with Richardson to improve your sales organization’s effectiveness sustainment of the learning takes place when and where the sales professionals want it on the Accelerate platform with just-in-time assets and tools.

We ensure that behaviors modeled in online training and in the classroom, are supported by your managers in the field. Your coaches are supported with a best-practices coaching methodology, practical tools for observation and feedback, and expert coaching advisors back on the job.

We drive change by:

  • Teaching Developmental Coaching best practices to managers and sales leaders
  • Establishing a coaching culture supported by cadence and methodology
  • Lending our expert sales coaching when and where you need it – on deal pursuits and with individuals on teams
  • Providing field-based reinforcement tools, including webinars, job aids, and manager toolkits

How to Measure Performance

Measurement before, during, and after a training event creates visibility in the value of training and provides actionable data sales leaders can use to ensure continuous performance improvement. Measuring sales effectiveness develops momentum by holding sales professionals accountable and engaged in the initiative.

We create sales effectiveness metrics to quantify: training quality, retention, and mastery of knowledge, when and where coaching occurs, when and where behaviors change, and how behavior changes are impacting your KPIs.

We measure:

  • The quality of your training engagement
  • How well your teams retain knowledge and skills over time
  • Where coaching is taking place across your organization
  • When and where behaviors change
  • How behavior change impacts your KPIs

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