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Improve Your Team’s Performance With Corporate Sales Training

Effective selling strategies have become the competitive advantage of today’s business landscape. As more stakeholders enter the picture, sales professionals require a more robust and sophisticated set of skills. They need ways to understand underlying needs, coalesce decision makers, and position value that resonates. Developing these skills is increasingly difficult as business challenges and the corresponding solutions become more complex.

Selling organisations are learning that better outcomes start with better selling behaviours. These behaviours emerge during client-facing interactions — the “moment of truth.” In these moments, sales professionals must avoid seller-centric behaviours and instead commit to a mindset of authenticity that creates opportunities for cross-selling, relationship growth, and expanding the scope of the sale.

At Richardson, we understand the power of selling behaviours that earn the right to go further with the customer. Doing so allows sales professionals to accurately diagnose the problem or assess the challenge, both of which are important for guiding the customer through the buying journey.

We use blended learning that combines the effectiveness of classroom learning with the convenience of digital products that meet learners in the field. The result is a comprehensive skill set that equips sales professionals to surface the customer’s core needs faster.

Discover the Real Definition of Customisation

Your corporate sales professionals need customised training and an integrated curriculum to ensure new selling skills are built, retained, and refined to drive bottom line results.

For us, customisation occurs for every level and every role of your sales team. We offer sales coaching and leadership programmes for senior sales managers, and specific sales training content for inside and outside sales reps.

Often, a combination of sales skills is required to truly transform your sales organisation into a global leader in your industry. Partnering with Richardson provides the unique advantage of building a fully connected sales curriculum rather than isolated training events.

Richardson’s Connected Selling Curriculum supports the improvement of your team’s overall sales process by laying out a blueprint for continuous learning to develop advanced skills and a sophisticated sales strategy throughout your organisation

Contact us to find out what Richardson has been recognised as a top 20 sales training company by Training Industry for more than 9 consecutive years.