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How Gamification Can Keep Your Team Engaged

Sales performance improvement

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Ken Cross, Director of Sales Enablement SolutionsBlog

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There is an old saying by French author Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr. In 1894, he wrote “plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose”, which translates to “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. This saying is applicable in many areas of behavior phycology in the workplace today, especially when it comes to the competitive nature of most sales professionals.

Gamification in the workplace satisfies many core psychological principles that can keep teams motivated, and engaged, and can help build a culture of constant improvement.

But first, what is gamification?

Gamification is an approach to enhancing applications, systems, processes, learning, and other areas, with experiences that are similar to playing a game.

This approach is designed to motivate and engage users by playing on core principles of behavior phycology. Let’s explore how gamification can help to keep your team engaged in learning:

Gamification Drives Competition

As mentioned, if there is one constant when it comes to sellers, is that they are generally highly competitive. To this end, gamification fits very well into the life of sellers as they compete with one another, playing on their need for recognition, reward, and achievement, and taps into their innate desire to be number one.

Gamification Drives a Stronger Sense of Community

When done right, gamification drives sellers to engage with their peers, compare results, and subtly encourage others on the team. This is further bolstered when leaderboards are used so that sellers can compare their results to their peers, and in a healthy manner, “egg each other on”.

Gamification Drives Adoption of Critical Applications and Systems

Gamification can provide users with an additional reason to access critical learning and operational systems to drive higher levels of user adoption and engagement. In short, gamification provides an additional and compelling reason for users to engage in the system or application.

Gamification Drives Behavior Change

When gamification is tied to learning and performance development, gamification provides learners the ability to learn while they are playing a game. For example, our AccelerateTM Sales Performance Platform leverages gamification as a reinforcement tool, where sellers are placed in various selling scenarios and compete for points as they attempt to get as many scenarios correct, as possible. If a learner gets one of the scenarios incorrect, they can quickly jump back into learning and get the specific reinforcement, needed, to drive behavior change.

Learn all about AccelerateTM our exciting sales performance platform by clicking here to download an informational brochure.

In a world where many workers are now remote, keeping sellers engaged has never been more important. This is why gamification may become a critical part of your sales engagement and learning strategy. By leveraging what motivates most sellers, organizations have a, now proven, approach to driving higher levels of seller engagement.

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