On-demand Audio and Video

Our on-demand audio tracks are a series of highly engaging, 15-minute audio books that can be played on most portable audio players, online, or downloaded to a computer. Richardson audio books cover critical sales topics, providing salespeople with the “how tos” they need to win business and reach peak performance. 

Richardson’s Video-on-Demand solutions utilize the latest in streaming video within a collaborative online environment to provide users with an interactive, real-time training reinforcement tool. The Richardson’s Video-on-Demand solution consists of a series of three to five-minute, custom-developed training videos with a series of reference material that can be used to quickly train and coach a sales team. Richardson’s Video-on-Demand allows you to access training in a cost-effective manner and is perfect for:

  • Business critical coaching
  • Quick training and reinforcement
  • New hire on-boarding
  • Product messaging and positioning
  • Product knowledge and updates
  • Industry changes and new competitive threats
  • Skill enhancement