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Selling Advertising and Media in a Complex Environment

The Media, Ad and digital Ad sales industry represents some of the biggest challenges in selling today. The scale and complexity of most sales require a dialogue covering nuanced ROI measurements, varied channels, and changing target demographics. Moreover, those selling advertising space and media must often approach these issues with an intermediary — the ad agency — working on behalf of the buyer. At Richardson, we believe that the way forward is adopting a consultative approach through sales training for advertising, media and digital ad sales professionals.

Professionals selling advertising, digital advertising or media face a rate of change that’s greater than any other industry. Disruptive technology is creating a dynamic landscape in which priorities are in constant flux. As more sophisticated digital ad sales and advertising models emerge, buyers, seeking an edge, want to keep pace. Therefore, sellers need to keep pace, as well. Efficient sellers manage this challenge by keeping the focus on the client.

Find Clarity and Alignment With a Consultative Approach

Maintaining a client focus means asking questions. These questions form the underlying structure of a consultative approach. When a professional in ad sales, advertising sales or media sales uses questions to explore needs, they get a clear picture of how the customer views the industry. More importantly, the seller will learn the client’s challenges.

Reaching clarity on these base needs is critical for two reasons:

  1. As the seller forms a more detailed picture of the customer’s challenges, they’re better able to position a solution that connects to those needs.
  2. Many sellers in media and ad sales claim the same effectiveness. The more a seller attempts to rise above the competition by resorting to performance numbers, the more they resemble everyone else.

Sellers, seeking to differentiate themselves, must understand which of their capabilities is most pertinent to the customer. Answering this question can only occur by taking the time to listen to customer needs.

Media And Advertising Sales Training Programs

The listening, questioning, and dialogue skills taught in Richardson’s customized sales training programs for media and ad sales teams creates a path to the sale, even when customer objections arise. Many sellers in the traditional and digital media and ad sales industry encounter customers that have already committed their spending to a different channel — or market. Effective sellers take this opportunity to go more in-depth with the customer.

With questions, a seller may reveal that the customer’s ultimate goals are better served with a different outreach through a different channel. When the seller and customer collaborate, they form a more sophisticated picture of the market. This process becomes more natural when the seller builds rapport, allowing them to float new ideas that help the customer change their thinking. As these new ideas emerge, the seller can check for feedback, which ensures customer and seller alignment.

Sales training for media, digital ad sales and advertising professionals that focuses on homing a consultative approach is particularly effective because, often, the success of a campaign is tied to its scale. That is, smaller ad buys, in many cases, are unlikely to yield the required results. Therefore, professionals selling advertising and other forms of media frequently face the challenge of selling a broader solution to a customer necessitating a sizeable commitment, sometimes at the beginning of the relationship. Working together at this scale requires a level of trust that begins with a dialogue and a shared definition of success.

Consultative Selling works within this industry because it offers sellers a way to navigate complexities unseen in other businesses. Every sale is different, but the way to get there is the same. A dialogue-driven process offers the customization that the customer needs.

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