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Driving Sales Effectiveness

Improving win rate

driving sales effectiveness

6 July 2018Article

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What is Sales Effectiveness?

Sales effectiveness refers to a company’s ability to generate sales.

Greater sales effectiveness means driving sales performance by winning the right kind of customers that drive meaningful progress towards broader financial and operational goals.

The term encompasses the various aspects of a business that must perform to create more wins. Therefore, true sales efficiency requires a coordinated effort from not only the sales team but also marketing, operations, and the C-level team.

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How Richardson Sales Performance Drives Sales Effectiveness

We stand ready to help our clients achieve their sales outcomes, from new customer acquisition and account growth, through excellence in customer service. We bring a team of sales savvy experts who demonstrate authentic curiosity in learning about your business balanced with a strong point of view on what it takes to drive sales results.

Our commitment to you and your team is a relentless focus on measurable results and long-term impact.


We then focus on engaging your sales organisation in a blended learning journey that begins digitally to maximise the live workshop experience.

Practise & Refine: Richardson Sales Performance’s Connected Selling CurriculumTM is a collection of sales and service programmes built to work together and build upon each other across roles and capabilities to drive a common language and clear approach for sales performance at scale. Grounded in behavioural science, our content has been re-imagined and re-tooled to address the needs of both modern buyers and salespeople.

Every Richardson Sales Performance programme is customised so that selling best practises are taught in an exact replica of your organisations’ real selling situations. And because we’ve already taught key concepts prior to class, time is reserved for case studies, exercises, and role plays that provide an immersive environment to practise and refine skills.

Sales professionals leave class with a higher skill proficiency than a traditional approach, ready to use their newfound skills in the field.

Master and Sustain Improvement: To maximise your investment, we have created a robust sustainment suite of just-in-time assets and tools to support your sales team as they continue in the learning journey.

We’ve built a technology-enabled solution that taps into the competitive nature of salespeople to deliver gamified customer scenarios to sales teams for 12 weeks post workshop. As a consequence, instead of seeing memory recall drop, we actually drive recall rates from 65% to 95% in the three-month period — creating a platform for sustained performance improvement.

Our Accelerate digital platform provides a scalable and repeatable sustainment solution that doubles as an on-demand performance support tool for salespeople in the field.

We ensure that behaviours modelled online and in the classroom are supported by your managers in the field. Your coaches are supported with a best-practise coaching methodology, practical tools for observation and feedback, and expert coaching advisors back on the job.

sales academy training curriculum

Sales Academy

Training is not a one-time event, learn how we can help you develop a sales academy approach to support a long-term performance improvement plan.

Learn More

How to Measure Performance

Measurement before, during, and after a training event creates visibility in the value of training and provides actionable data sales leaders can use to ensure continuous performance improvement. Measuring sales effectiveness develops momentum by holding sales professionals accountable and engaged in the initiative.

The data-driven insights we deliver to our clients are anchored in four levels of measurement: Engagement, Knowledge Retention, Behaviour Change, and Business Results.

Our technology platforms deliver both milestone assessments, which create baselines and benchmarks for learning, as well as real-time analytics that monitor the performance of the sales transformation at both the individual and organisational level.

Reporting Example:


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