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Video: Richardson’s Connected Selling Curriculum™

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richardsonsalestraining27 August 2019Blog

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Sales professionals who gain a competitive advantage do so by being prepared to quickly flex and adapt. Richardson Sales Performance’s Connected Selling Curriculum equips sales professionals with the skills needed to meet modern buyer expectations.

In our competitive world, connections make the difference between surviving and thriving. Meaningful connections with our customers, a powerful connection to our own next level of sales excellence, unified connections across all parts of your organisation, and a systematic, consistent approach improve sales performance.

The curriculum is a collection of interconnected sales training programmes built to work together, build upon each other, drive common a language, and establish a clear approach to sales performance at scale.

The blended learning architecture offers interactive, face-to-face instruction supported by a digital learning platform to maximise the impact of time spent in the classroom and minimise time out of the market.

Creating a Connected Curriculum

Consultative Prospecting and Territory Management training help your team build skills in finding new business. Consultative Selling, Consultative Negotiations, and Intentional Pursuit Strategy increase win rates and drive the sales cycle. Prosperous Account Strategy training helps your team grow accounts, and a suite of sales manager programmes helps leaders effectively coach to the entire curriculum.

Backed by behavioural science and designed for success,  Richardson Sales Performance’s Connected Selling Curriculumprovides the flexibility needed to train everyone in your sales organisation no matter the role, no matter the business unit, no matter the capabilities so that you can understand and navigate the modern sales journey, shape better customer conversations, and create competitive advantage to drive more sales.

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connected selling training curriculum

Connected Selling Curriculum™ Brochure

Explore our full curriculum of sales training content.


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