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Video: The Phases of the Modern Buying Journey

Improving win rate

May 31, 2022Blog

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This video explores the phases of the modern buying journey. Understanding this journey gives your team insights into how the customers focus, thinking and emotional state evlove over the couse of the sale. It helps you align activities to where the customer is in their journey as well as understand why descisions stall,how to avoid traps, and how to practively take action to help the customer move forward.

Understanding each customer's buying journey and the thinking and emotion behind each phase will empower your team to help their customer's progress, alieviate concerns along the way and create a winning outcome for all involved.

Click here to contact us to learn how our training programs build the skills your sellers need to meet their customers at every stage of the buying journey.

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Connected Selling Curriculum

A deep & modern sales curriculum enables you to develop your individual sellers against role-based competencies aligned to needs while achieving consistency across teams.

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White Paper: Embracing The Turns, The New Buyer Journey


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