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Optimizing Results with Sales Enablement Training Technology

Sales performance improvement

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Using Enablement Technology to Identify Winning Sales Insights and See Sustainable Results Improvement

In the US, companies spend $15 billion each year on sales training, according to LinkedIn's State of Sales report. Despite these considerable investments in sales enablement training technology, CSO Insights reveals a concerning trend. Billions spent on sales training and sales enablement technology are not yielding results. For the past five years, sales quota attainment rates have steadily decreased.

Yet, many companies reap considerable benefits from sales training and enablement technology. In research from Aberdeen Group and SPI client surveys, these success stories show remarkable outcomes:

  • A 20% surge in sales quota attainment rates

  • A 73% boost in average opportunity size

  • A 53% reduction in the time taken for new salespersons to become productive

  • A 24% increase in customer renewal rates

  • A 14% uptick in sales growth rates, resulting in 35% higher earnings

  • Over €1 billion in incremental sales revenue

  • A 44% enhancement in customer satisfaction

  • A 33% rise in sales opportunity win rates

According to the data, many companies witness substantial business gains from embracing modern sales training and supporting technologies. What sets these companies apart in their approach, effectively defying the prevailing negative trend?

Sales Training and Enablement Technology—A Holistic Approach

Successful enterprises apply a strategic approach to sales training and enablement technology. They understand that these investments function within a broader ecosystem. The efficacy of such initiatives relies on cohesive support and reinforcement. Aligning messaging, tools, technology, and management practices exemplify crucial elements of this process.

Merely conducting sales training without bolstering it with supportive infrastructure and organizational processes typically fails to sustain behavioral changes and subsequent results over time. Thus, the success of sales performance enhancement efforts hinges on the seamless integration of various components. These include training, technology, and operational management standards—each tailored to individual organizations’ growth objectives.

The norm, however, shows that many companies spend reactively when sales performance gaps arise. This mindset narrows their view of the issues, seeing them as independent. Instead, they need to take a holistic approach where initiatives support the entire organization.

While a skills training program may enhance a sales team’s execution of vital competencies, reinforcement is key. Without coaching, technology, and oversight from management, regression to old, ineffective habits becomes not just possible but probable.

Identifying and Enhancing Critical Revenue-Driving Skills

In pursuit of this goal, SPI has developed specified sales enablement training technologies. These technologies foster alignment among the diverse components essential for realizing the benefits of sales performance enhancement initiatives. For instance, the SPI-1 platform identifies and focuses on the most impactful sales competencies for development. They align training with specific objectives and results crucial for a given sales growth strategy.

sales training delivery services

Sales Performance Analytics

We offer a connected approach that makes sense of data from various sources and ties it to business outcomes – enabling managers to track progress in real-time and make adjustments that impact deals in flight.

Learn More

Implementing, Supporting, and Monitoring New Sales Behaviors

Enablement technology furnishes company leadership with precise insights into the adoption of improved selling behaviors resulting from learning and development endeavors. Sales leaders identify high-impact competencies and provide sales teams with tools that facilitate their execution. In turn, they gain a real-time skills and knowledge of these behaviors, thereby enhancing results.

To this end, SPI offers a suite of effective sales enablement tools embedded within Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. These tools streamline the execution of best practices outlined in training. They also equip sales managers with points of assessment to gauge individual performance. Moreover, they facilitate coaching and skill development.

Executive leadership can monitor the use of sales tools via CRM applications. They can then correlate their use of these tools with high-priority growth objectives. This allows for real-time identification of areas requiring reinforcement and reformation. Crucially, analysis of sales tool usage enables leaders to refine selling processes over time, ensuring a consistent and superior customer experience.

To make this investment successful, companies need to adopt a unified approach to sales training and technology. This system should encompass learning, enablement technologies, and management processes aligned with sales growth strategies. In doing so, numerous companies achieve significant double-digit increases across a spectrum of sales productivity metrics.

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