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Train, Coach, Reinforce: Best Practices in Maximizing Sales Productivity

Richardson is pleased to offer you a complementary report from the Aberdeen Group called Train, Coach, Reinforce: Best Practices in Maximizing Sales Productivity.

Aberdeen’s research provides an in-depth and comprehensive look into, procedure, methodologies, and technologies with best practice identification and actionable recommendations. This report will help you discover how you can achieve Best-in-Class results for your sales team.

The report takes a hard look at Sales Training, which remains one of the most consistently deployed enablers of sales effectiveness among business-to-business (B2B) companies. Contemporary business development teams are well aware of the dual external pressures of increasingly well-educated buyers and savvy, aggressive competitors; as a result, the top performers continue to provide increasing amounts of training and performance support resources for their front-line sales reps and managers.

Five Compelling Facts from the Research

  1. The reason why sales training is a “must-have” rather than a luxury is clear: with an aggressive average annual sales quota of $1.063M among all respondents ($1.208M among the Best-in-Class), and an average deal size of $183k ($176k for the Best-in-Class), the need to have well-prepared and effective sales discussions at a highly professional level necessitate a polished and educated conversation at every stage of the selling cycle.
  2. 83% of all sales reps in Best-in-Class companies achieved quota in the last year measured, compared to 52% among Industry Average companies and 6% for Laggard firms.
  3. Annual revenue growth averages 15.4% for the Best-in-Class companies, 5.6% among the Industry Average, and a decline of 1.5% among Laggards.
  4. Best-in-Class companies report a yearly growth in average deal size of 5.3%, versus 0.7% and a decline of 2.6% respectively of Industry Average and Laggard firms.
  5. Best-in-Class companies report a 100% average team attainment of sales quota in the last measured year, compared to 74% and 36% respectively for Average and Laggard organizations.
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