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Understanding Sales Training Delivery Methods

At Richardson Sales Performance, we believe all learning should be blended to ensure the acquisition of knowledge; mastery; application; and long-term, sustained behavior change in the field.

We are flexible in meeting your training needs because we offer multiple training modalities that allow us to deliver sales training programs through a variety of channels.

Each sales training solution is crafted with a sustained, blended approach in mind.

Blended Learning Sales Training Solutions

Richardson Sales Performance’s blended learning sales training incorporates a wide range of training delivery modalities, including;

Because our online sales training content is rendered in multiple training modalities, our blended learning solutions can be customized to fit our clients’ needs.

Therefore, the percentage of total content that is offered using the various modalities will vary by client.

A common blended learning training for our clients typically involves 55%-75% of the total time spent engaged in various online activities and the remainder of the time in the classroom.

Explore the importance of a blended learning approach in sales training in the white paper, The Future of Sales Training: Innovation for a Salesforce in Transition.

The Next Generation of Sales Training Content Delivery

In developing next-generation content and delivery platforms, Richardson Sales Performance is benchmarking our offerings — not against other training products, but against a far broader range of products that your sales teams use in their everyday lives and have come to expect in their learning experiences, including MOOCs, YouTube, mobile, blended, and in-person learning experiences, as well as against both formal and informal learning models.

We have pursued a user-centered approach to the design of our print, digital, interactive, and video resources, and our adaptive learning platform, Richardson Accelerate™ allows us to support a personalized blended learning sales training approach, including elements of social learning, mobile browser-based access, learning games, and extensive libraries of video and infographics.