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Richardson provides you with a variety of sales training delivery methods and options that best fit your learning culture


We are flexible in meeting your training delivery needs through multiple delivery methods to meet your objectives, audience levels, and plans for rollout. Each of the following sales training delivery methods can be blended, standalone, or may complement one another to provide a highly effective, seamless training solution for all levels of your organization.

Our training delivery methods include:

Instructor-led Training (ILT) — Fully customized instructor-led seminars that are interactive and produce a high-impact learning environment with intense coaching and feedback. In each seminar, participants are presented with relevant, “real-life” challenges and learn new methods and skills to meet these challenges and improve their performance.

Webinars — 60- to 90-minute webcasts that enable salespeople to remotely attend a training session and are formatted to address particular topics and provide interaction with peers and the instructor. Webinars are both cost and time efficient in that participants can access webinars from their computers and do not require a substantial time commitment.

Links below provide information on Richardon's online sales training solutions

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Richardson QuickSkills™ eLearning — A deep library of award-winning, four-star rated, online sales training programs and courses that leverage the strengths of the web to create a high-impact, interactive eLearning experience. Our QuickSkills™ eLearning curriculum consists of approximately 70 hours of modular training that is completely integrated with Richardson’s instructor-led courses.

Blended Learning — Richardson’s blended programs combines an ILT or Train-the-Trainer seminar with eLearning programs to allow for online learning to be used as seminar preparation, reinforcement of the topics covered in the seminar, or to provide continuing development.

Train-the-Trainer — Train-the-Trainer options to prepare your internal team to deliver quality training. Your team participates in customized, interactive sessions to learn the skills, processes, and methods needed to deliver Richardson programs and is provided with support tools and resources.

Video-on-Demand — With Richardson's video-on-demand solutions, you can leverage video and online learning technologies. Richardson's video-on-demand solutions utilize the latest in streaming online video technology within a collaborative environment to provide users with an interactive, real-time training tool.

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