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Customized Sales Management Training Modules Enhance The Learning Experience with a Focus on Specific Sales Training Topics

Our sales management training modules are a great way to explore specific sales training topics that enrich the learning experience.

Building hyper-focused sales management skills in these areas is accomplished through Richardson Sales Performance’s customization process where we build out our core programs to ensure your team is focusing on the sales management training topics they need to be successful with your clients.

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Leading Effective Meetings

This module trains sales managers to change their sales team’s attitude toward sales meetings and create a forum that is highly participative and interactive.  Participants learn the critical success factors of an effective meeting and how to ensure productivity by inspiring accountability which drives results.

Remote Coaching

Overcoming the challenges of managing and developing team members across geographies and time zones without sustained face-to-face contact requires a specific skill set.  This training module provides a Remote Coaching Framework that uses much of the Developmental Coaching philosophy and process and adds key discussion elements focused on performance metrics that lie at the heart of remote coaching and relationship building.

Leading Virtual Teams

Technology has allowed teams to work efficiently in virtual environments, but it doesn’t mean the teams know how to work together. This module eases the challenges of leading, managing, and working in virtual teams, focusing on key obstacles such as managing people who have no direct reporting relationship to you, gaining attention from team members with other priorities, managing resistance, influencing non-aligned members, overcoming cultural differences, and operating in an environment which inhibits relationship building.

Coaching Problem Performers

This module trains sales managers to use Consequence Coaching. Unlike Developmental Sales Coaching where the guiding philosophy is “They talk first,” in Consequence Coaching the coach talks first and provides his or her perception of where things stand, the standards a salesperson is required to meet, what needs to happen, and the consequences of not doing so.

Motivating High Performers

Keeping high performers motivated to pursue continued success requires a unique praise model.  In this module sales managers are trained to use process and skill to provide high-impact praise that acknowledges the accomplishments of top performers, leverages their accomplishments to motivate others on the team, and link rewards to behavior.

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