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RevOps Training: Aligning Teams for Success

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What Is RevOps?

RevOps is the collaboration of marketing, sales, customer support, and product teams operations across the full customer life cycle to drive growth and keep all teams accountable to revenue.

Instead of solely supporting the education and optimisation of the new business−centric Sales Enablement team, brands must foster growth and success of both:

  • Sales Enablement Teams: Including all the scripts, processes, tools, etc., that Marketing & Sales teams need to acquire new customers, and
  • Revenue Enablement Teams: Similarly, all the processes, tools, etc., that are needed, in this case by Customer Success, Solutions Architects, etc., to retain and grow

In short, RevOps includes bringing together all customer-facing teams that collectively find, retain, and grow customers and developing repeatable and predictable processes, skills, and knowledge to organise around the customer and increase revenue. Cohesive tools, technology, and training are key to creating this alignment of diverse teams many of whom are not in traditional sales roles.

Tools & Training

Marketing & Sales have deep awareness and expertise with the Demand & Buying Journey, but the key to Revenue Enablement is optimising the entire Customer Journey. That means Client Services and Product teams need to know how to interact with customers in a way that engages them and drives them to deepen their investment over time.

For this to work, RevOps leaders need to educate their teams, bring together teams that aren’t normally responsible for selling with those who are, and implement proper tools and technology to assist with cross-team collaboration, forecasting, monitoring performance, and analysing revenue results.

Everyone on the RevOps team should be comfortable with the basics of consultative selling and should understand how their role fits within that customer journey and can help influence its trajectory. Richardson Sales Performance’s materials include a range of useful training curriculum and tools to help achieve these ends, such as:

Training Programmes for Non-Sellers & Sellers Alike

  • Consultative Sales Training – Provides your team the fundamentals of driving productive dialogue and communication with Prospects and Customers.
  • Customer Service Sales Training – Sales training customised for those in Customer Success and Customer Service roles.
  • Major Account Training – Aligns everyone on your VIP prospects’ and customers’ teams for long-term success from acquisition through to retention and growth.
  • Sprint Selling Programme – An innovative new approach to training teams based on “agile” approach. Works in combination with our CRM-Enabled Workflow Tools.

Tools for RevOps Success

sales process consulting

Sales Process Consulting & Training

Discover how our consultative approach to sales process and development training helps organisations match their sales process to their customer's needs.

Learn More

RevOps for the Win

When it comes to the contemporary buying process, which is radically more splintered and competitive than ever before, businesses that layer on top of their standard Sales Enablement efforts, an additional “whole customer journey,” Revenue Enablement approach will be the leaders of the pack. Older, acquisition-first methodologies aren’t sufficient to sustain brands in this new landscape.

In order to improve your RevOps, you must create a unified team that is all skilled and educated in areas of customer communication, consultative selling, as well as service. Training diverse individuals with varied backgrounds and knowledge can be a challenge, but that’s where Richardson Sales Performance’s over 40 years of expertise are critical to delivering the revenue wins you seek.

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agile sales training

White Paper: The Future of Selling is Agile: Introducing Sprint Selling

Learn about a new sales methodology that defines critical actions and skills needed to win deals.


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