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Video: How to Ask for Referrals


sales woman being introduced to new stakeholders

20 July 2022Video

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Gaining Access to Additional Stakeholders By Asking for Referrals

Building on the momentum of a sale means being able to effectively ask for a referral. An effective referral request opens the door to the next sale.

Too often this crucial step is “tacked on” to the end of a conversation. The best sellers make this request with a mindful approach.

The Wrong Way to Ask for a Referral

In this video, we provide a clear example of a seller missing an opportunity to take a thoughtful approach to access additional stakeholders.

Notice how the seller in this example made three key mistakes:

  • Jumps straight to the request without a preface
  • Forgets to provide context for the request
  • Neglects to highlight the relationship with the customer

The Right Way to Ask for a Referral

In the video, below, we provide a clear example of how sellers can apply the right skills at the right moment to gain access to additional stakeholders and new business.

Notice how the seller:

  • Used a “hinge” to highlight previous successes as a lead-in to the request.
  • Prefaced the request with a clear benefit of the product or service.
  • Followed up on their request by asking for additional information about the referral

These videos are part of a learning module in our AccelerateTM Sales Performance Platform. Learn more about this powerful learning tool here.

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