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Annual Selling Challenges Research Study Released

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Philadelphia, PA — March 6, 2019 — Richardson Sales Performance, a leading global sales training and performance improvement company, announced today the results of its annual report, 2019 Selling Challenges Research Study.

Richardson Sales Performance conducted its most recent annual study of sales professionals across industries to get a ground-level view of anticipated challenges within the 2019 sales environment. The survey was designed to gain insight into the issues sellers face as they navigate the sales process from prospecting through closing.

Success in 2019 calls for sales professionals to be agile. They need the ability to transition from one skill to another as they encounter different customer situations. That is, they need to deliver different value propositions across various stakeholders, each with a unique perspective. Success today is about knowing when and where each skill needs to be deployed. The customer’s needs and perceptions change throughout the buying process; therefore, the sales professional must adjust accordingly. Some highlights from the research include:

  • Nearly one-quarter of respondents cited creating value and insights for clients as a major anticipated challenge.
  • Twenty-two percent of respondents cited “building a case for change” as a top challenge and the key to building consensus.
  • There is a growing sense of unpredictability and uncertainty in selling.
  • There is a need for contextual agility in selling to adapt to complex buying factors and misaligned stakeholders.
“Increasing volatility has renewed sensitivity to risk among customers,” says Richardson Sales Performance’s Chief Marketing Officer, Andrea Grodnitzky. “As a result, sales professionals need improved agility, which is the combination of skill proficiency coupled with an understanding of how and when to use these skills throughout the twisting road that is the buyer’s journey.”
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selling challenges research 1

Research: 2019 Selling Challenges Study


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