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Richardson has been working with this leading professional services firm to help account teams deepen relationships, grow the pipeline, and increase revenue through front-line sales coaching. To download our Proffessional Servcies case study, please click here

Professional Services Case



Investing in your sales team has never been more important. According to recent research by CSO Insights, a critical indicator in how well professional services' sales organizations perform is investment in sales training.

  • At Best in Class companies, 72% spend more than $1500 per rep per year and report 90% are making quota.
  • At Professional Services companies, 43% spend less than $1500 per year and report only 60% are making quota.

Let Richardson help you improve your sales team results. Our comprehensive and customized sales training solutions for professional services organizations help build sales skills, change behaviors, and drive business outcomes.

Our Impact

Richardson's professional services clients have experienced significant and quantifiable success from our sales training and performance improvement solutions. We measure results from experiential and quantitative levels using performance surveys, tracking, benchmarking, and ROI.

A few success points achieved by some of our professional services clients include:

  • The pipeline for the sales reps that were trained grew 195% compared with average of 31.4% for the same period for those reps that were not.
  • Sales-coached accounts added more than $140 million in new opportunities to the pipeline so far
  • Investment of $1.4 million in external sales coaching has led to wins worth $23.7 million
  • Company-wide turnover has been cut by at least 20 to 25 percent.


  • "Year over year new sales reflects a 149% increase from last year.  I believe much of our success was due in part to the implementation of the Advanced Consultative Sales practices.   A great deal of emphasis from my team was placed on the strategic dialogue step and focusing on the client’s needs and benefits."
  • "Richardson did a great job and I do feel I learned many things from this experience.  I just wish I had taken it when I was about 20 or 30."

What we Do

Richardson partners with leading professional services organizations to provide a comprehensive sales training solution for sales and service teams, as well as sales leaders. Our solutions enable sales professionals to reach the next level of success within today’s rapidly changing selling environment. Richardson specifically tailors each solution to reflect your unique culture and values, driving rapid adoption and lasting results. We identify sales best practices, evaluate talent, and build skills and consistency through world-class sales training and sustainment. We partner with you to:

  • Define key success drivers and focus on improving those few that matter most
  • Develop your people through customized sales training solutions that enable the right activities and compelling customer dialogues
  • Drive business outcomes through sustained improvement of sales force performance and productivity

Representative Client List


Solution Examples

  • Global Services Firm – Richardson developed a comprehensive sales training and development initiative that was rolled out to all levels of the organization’s consultants. Designed to provide the strategies, skills, and best practices to support the development and strengthening of relationships within key accounts, this highly customized solution provided an in-depth look at the critical structure of a call and offered a powerful roadmap for a successful, need-based dialogue to create a win-win outcome.
  • Leading Technology Services Company – Richardson developed and delivered globally a "Coaching for Accelerated Success" solution. This program was designed as a two-day classroom seminar supported by eLearning and preceded by a synchronous web-based Executive Briefing to obtain senior manager buy-in and support. This program was developed to prepare managers to lead the company's transition to a customer-focused, solution selling culture in which their objective is to solve the customers' business issues.
  • A leading services company engaged Richardson to help it build the foundation of a blue chip sales organization, starting at the top. Richardson designed a Sales Performance Improvement System to address the need for sales reps to get the most out of every selling situation, with consultative solution-based selling instead of focusing on individual products

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