Over 2,500,000 professionals in over 50 countries have experienced a Richardson sales training program. Here is what some of them are saying about us:

"Quite simply the most effective sales training available in an overcrowded industry. The keys to assimilation of the learning are keeping common threads throughout all Richardson curriculum and the customization and delivery to the consumer products industry. Our sales personnel look forward to each Richardson class, and we have been growing at double digits for the last four years."

COO, Leading Communications Company

"Thanks for working with me to enhance my coaching abilities. You should be proud to know that the extremely professional sessions have made a very large impact on my interactions with my team and my customers. I have been working very hard to grow and reach the next step in my managerial capabilities, and you successfully pushed me over the edge.

My team has been very impressed with my style over the past week, as I let the team do the driving and me do the coaching, and they have verbalized this with myself and my director. I plan to get more from our coaching sessions then you may believe possible.

Thank you for your guidance and support as we move forward with this initiative." 

Sales Manager, Internet Hardware and Software Company

"Thanks so much for teaching so effectively. This team is quite cynical, often critical of stuff, and they had nothing but good things to say."

    "Gave me tools I can use right away"
    "Efficient delivery, didn't waste our time"
    "Very helpful information; ask, don't tell"

Vice President, Leading Internet Company

"Thank you again for a productive day of training. As with most of us within the financial service/banking environment, I have had my fair share of training. Your class, hands down, was the best I've ever attended. Thank you for raising the bar in terms of my expectations on a go-forward beyond providing additional insight to client interaction.”
Vice President, Global Services Financial Services Company

"I wanted to let you know how great the Richardson training has been. The material and the instructors have been terrific.  It's a tough time of year to be out so many days with training, but despite that, I think it's been well worth it. I have had tons of sales training over the past 20 years, but I have to say this is the best sales training that I have ever attended during that time."

Senior Vice President, Leading Financial Services Company

“I have just used your framework and it worked! I set up three appointments already, out of five attempts.”

Mauricio Barcellos, ProConsult

"Friday at 3:00 I had NO sales on the board. Talk about being in the PANIC ZONE! But I took some time to clear my head, read a little out of the Richardson Training manual, and just like that, I went into my stretch zone and put two sales on the board Friday night. I came in on Saturday and closed another one which gave me a $10,000 week!"

Sales Representative, Services Company

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"I had the privilege of being a part of your sales training. Now that all the pieces have been put together, I feel I will be more successful with my career. I have been a weak closer and very gullible for the smokescreen objections I hear every day. With the objection resolution model and the empathy statements, I feel I can overcome these and close more deals."

Sales Representative, Financial Services Company

"You know us so well, you can tell how much you listened."
"You know our language and jargon. These case studies and role plays are dead on."
"The trainers from Richardson are so well prepared, it is like they work for us."
"Your trainer could be my manager. He did such a terrific job."

Participants from a custom training program

"Our team has given the Richardson trainers high marks for the work just concluded. The material was highly customized and the experience was personalized in a way we have not previously experienced. I appreciate your dedication to getting it right. It worked. "

COO, Leading Communications Company

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"The training worked its magic. The participants listened and put forth great effort in the skill practices and role plays. The feedback so far has been tremendous. There are requests for follow-up coaching from the managers."

- Development Manager, Financial Services Company

"I wanted to thank you for your session. By far, this was the best sales training we have ever had. You captured their minds, hearts, and selling souls."

National Sales Manager, Apparel Manufacturer

"I’ve been so impressed with what you have developed for our classes. I can’t tell you how much positive feedback I’ve gotten related to the materials. The role plays and case studies "speak to them!" Even the people who 'hate' role plays have commented that when the scenario is so related to their business, it makes it much easier to get through it and learn. Thank you! I’m working with a tough crowd, and you’re making it easier for me to please them!"

Vice President, Leading Financial Services Company

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"This was the best TTT I have experienced in seven years as a facilitator in Training/Development."

  Sales Trainer, Global Financial Services Company

"Two Vice Presidents left our training session 1 1/2 hours early for a very important prospect call — a potential of a $40 million relationship. During the training, they strategized about the call and fine-tuned their approach. They had really listened to the Richardson trainer when he so passionately grilled the point — 'It's all about me — the client'. You must go into a call with your proposed agenda; however, it's really about where the client wants to take the call — recheck what the client wants to talk about.

Going into the call, they anticipated talking about investments first, but when they checked, they learned the client wanted to talk about another need. They talked about this for 3 hours — really drilling and going deep into what was on the client's mind and what they wanted. We won the prospect's business $400,000 - $500,000 in direct revenue from our various services."

Senior Vice President, Leading Financial Services Company

"As a training professional with 15 years experience, I think that the design element of training is the most difficult of all. Your attention to detail, professionalism, and competence are to be commended. I have been speaking to many of the participants over the last two days who attended the program. You'll be glad to know that I have received only outstanding feedback. So, hats off to your team."

Manager of Training and Development, Large Automotive Manufacturer

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"I initially assessed a prospected opportunity as a $1 million dollar opportunity until I went to your sales training course. One of the cases in the class was so similar to my prospect's situation that when I met with him, I decided to ask questions to look for other assets and opportunities. I identified significant assets close to $20 million and discovered the client's need for insurance. That one-day seminar made my quarter, and the skills and tools will be with me going forward."

Sales Representative, Leading Financial Institution
"I just finished my advanced trusted advisor course. I have plans to implement many of the strategies with my target customers right away. Thanks."

Field Representative, Leading Life Sciences Manufacturer
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"I've never seen our sales team agree on anything, let alone give high marks to people who were training them… This will move us in the right direction… Suffice to say, we will be BACK!"

Associate Publisher, Leading Business Magazine

"We are all thrilled with the results. This program for all the groups was a huge success. The individual feedback from companies as well as the composite scores are truly exceptional. My hat goes off to your team."

Training Executive, Global Financial Services Company
"I have been dealing with content integration with various vendors into our LMS over the last month, and I have to say, you folks are a model for us in terms of the quick response and ease of integrating your content into our system... My appreciation for making my job easier, at least when dealing with you and content. If only all vendors were this easy."

Senior Learning Developer, Global Financial Institution

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"As I suspect you often see with a group of senior, experienced sales professionals, there was a bit of skepticism going into another sales training seminar. Our team is rightfully selfish about their time and their concern about the value that would be necessary to justify two days out of the field. I have not heard anything but positive responses and the feeling that this session was really worthwhile... Everyone in this group has years of sales experience and a certain confidence in their own approaches. But this program, with the real-life case studies and the substantial opportunity to role play, opened everyone's eyes. In other words, I think we all left with a bit of (good) discomfort about some of our weaknesses, and more importantly, some specific ideas about how to be more effective - as a listener, consultant, and a seller. To present sales training that is not a cliché - in other words, that offers creative ideas about how to not sound like every other sales rep - is not an easy task, and you did a great job!"

Vice President, Sales, Leading Financial Services Company

"In 25 years of sales training at our company, we never had a better job. You did your homework and connected to every person. Your energy was incredible and you clearly understood our business."

Sales Training Manager, Leading Real Estate Firm

"I have been to sales training events for 13 years. This one was the best. Your trainer was exceptional and made it better than the material was itself."

Vice President, Major Investment Firm
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"Richardson connected beautifully with our group. You kept everyone engaged and active. We were VERY pleased. I now can't imagine bringing anyone else in for my group but Richardson."

SVP and National Sales Manager, Large Bank

"Just wanted to let you know that I continually find myself going back to the class materials to prepare for client meetings and to guide me and my partners in the sales process. I have had a couple of successes since the seminar, and they have all been different. I will be closing this week on a multi-million dollar account that took three meetings and three months to close, while last week I had a deal that I closed in less than an hour for 650k. Both wanted to act, but we asked the right questions and understood the issues and time constraints upfront. It seems so natural."

Portfolio Manager, Leading Financial Services Company

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"Representatives who have participated in and implemented the skills and concepts of Richardson's Consultative Selling and Negotiation Skills courses are consistently and significantly outperforming other representatives in our sales force."

Sales Training Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturer

"We participated in a three-hour Gaining the Meeting/Appointment seminar. After the session, our team secured 30 appointments and ultimately closed 11 new clients. Thanks!"

Sales Manager, Leading Professional Services Firm

"… a deal that I closed thanks to the recent Advanced Teleselling Workshop I attended. Thanks to your 'refresher' class, I was able to overcome many objections the client presented and still close the deal within four weeks. The first objection was price, as the client stated they only had $48,000 available. Utilizing the knowledge from your training session, we were able to close this deal for $140,000 in software plus services."

Team Leader, Healthcare Products and Services Industry Leader

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"We want to share the results of our Richardson seminar. It was a HUGE success! Rating a 5.73 on a scale of 6.0 - the highest rating a training program has gotten here."

Dean of Corporate University, Major Financial Institution

"Richardson did a fabulous job. All I can say is that IT WAS AWESOME! I've been to tons of sales seminars, but I have to say this was absolutely the best program I have been through. You'd never know the facilitators didn't work for our company.  Great job!"

Assignment Manager, Global Professional Staffing Company

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