Utilizing Richardson QuickGuides and QuickCalls


Leading Industrial Equipment Rental Company


Streamling the sales organization through a sales training program that creates a stronger brand identity and standardizes practices across all branches


Richardson and the client worked together to develop a comprehensive sales training program that began with an integrated developmental sales coaching curriculum for the management team and was followed by an eLearning and QuickCalls sales training for the Outside Sales Reps:

• Phase I
– Developmental Sales Coaching: Richardson QuickSkills™ for all District Managers, Branch Managers, RSMs, and RVPs

• Phase II
Developmental Sales Coaching: Workshop for all District Managers, Branch Managers, RSMs, and RVPs

• Phase III
Consultative Sales Training: Price Objections and Listening QuickSkills™ for all District Managers, Branch Managers, RSMs and Outside Sales Reps

• Phase IV
– Richardson QuickCalls all personally endorsed by the District Manager, facilitated by HR, and completed by the Outside Sales Reps

Richardson QuickCalls were remotely-delivered (via phone and web conferencing) high-impact meetings that reinforce the content of QuickSkills™by enabling Outside Sales Reps to practice and apply their consultative selling skills in real-life customer scenarios. The QuickCalls that the client performed with each of its Outside Sales Reps followed Richardson’s QuickGuide - an easy to follow, fully customized document that “guides” District Managers and HR to holding effective QuickCalls. One QuickSkill™ and one QuickCall per Outside Sales Rep were completed each month and were designed so that both the training function and management function were involved in every call in every region.

    As a result of the client’s QuickCalls sales training program, District and Branch Managers have increased their coaching skills and are now in a better position to support the Outside Sales Reps. In addition, the Outside Sales Reps have accountability for their own skill development and on-the-job-success and have an increased awareness for strengths and skill gaps. The client now has their needs met through win-win negotiations and better understand the company’s internal value proposition.