Customized Richardson QuickSkills(TM) eLearning


Business-to-business and retail product supplier


Providing an effective sales training solution, that encompasses a core set of selling skills and learning platform, to a dispersed sales team in a timely manner


Richardson developed a comprehensive Consultative Selling sales training strategy that supported the required business objectives, but also seamlessly blended the company’s new 3-step, organization-wide selling process with Richardson’s Consultative Selling framework throughout all delivery platforms. In addition to providing customized instructor-led sales training seminars to all Store Managers, Richardson also customized its eLearning courses, Richardson QuickSkills™ 5.0: Consultative Selling framework for all Store Associates, which resolved the additional challenges presented in the need to train an extremely large retail sales team, across a national footprint, at one time. The solution included:

For Store Associates:

  • Richardson QuickSkills™ 5.0 customized eLearning - Blending Richardson’s Consultative Selling framework with the current 3-step selling process already in place within the company to create a total sales training solution that included both the company’s internal processes and Richardson’s award-winning eLearning curriculum
  • Richardson QuickGuides - Customized exercises for Store Managers to facilitate with Store Associates as reinforcement of the eLearning courses

For Store Managers, Sales Managers, and District Managers:

  • A two-day, instructor-led Consultative Selling framework training seminar to provide an overview of the Consultative Selling framework and introduce participants to Richardson QuickSkills™ 5.0 and QuickGuides.  A Developmental Sales Coaching component was also included in this two-day program as a way to train on the facilitation skills needed to lead the QuickGuide sessions with Store Associates
  • A Train-the-Trainer certification was also created for facilitating future sessions of this program

For Directors of Sales, Field Directors, District Managers, and Market Managers:

  • A one-day, instructor-led Consultative Selling sales training seminar to provide an overview of the Consultative Selling skills and introduce participants to Richardson QuickSkills™ 5.0 and QuickGuides
  • A focus on Coaching-the-Coach to provide upper management with the coaching skills necessary to model the coaching skills, as well as to support the Store Managers during their coaching sessions with Store Associates.


  • “I really enjoyed the past 2 days. The new selling model is refreshing and it feels like the missing pieces of the puzzle. I cannot wait to get started!”
  • “eLearning tool will be great support to this transition. Thanks!”
  • “This was a great experience and made a huge impact on me as a leader.”
  • “Very awesome job! Richardson hit a home run with this program!”