Leading Effective Meetings

Change your sales team’s typical attitude toward sales meetings and create a forum that is highly participative and interactive. 


Program Description

Think of the endless hours that a professional athlete invests to perfect his or her skills in a particular sport.  Yet perfecting individual skill is only one element of success.  In order to execute with precision as a team, the entire team must practice together.  The same is true of a sales team.  They also need to learn and practice together, and sales meetings are the perfect arena to talk about key topics such as cross-selling, competitive differentiation, reaching new markets, and so on.  Why then do so few salespeople look forward to sales meetings?  In most companies, it is not the topics of the sales meetings but the process — the dynamics of how the topics are covered — that creates the challenge for sales managers.

Richardson’s Leading Effective Sales Meetings gives sales managers the “empowering process” and skills to change the sales team’s typical attitude toward sales meetings and create a forum that is highly participative and interactive.  Through highly customized cases and exercises, sales managers practice how to be “in sync” rather than “on stage,” and to “team” rather than “tell.”   Participants work through the critical success factors of an effective meeting and practice strategies such as volleying questions back to the group, brainstorming, and problem solving so that over time the sales team becomes more responsible for the quality of the meetings.  Participants also learn to ensure productivity and reflect the output of the meeting agenda through a “Decision Minutes” action planning format that gives shared responsibility for note taking and inspires accountability and results.

Business Benefits

  • Build synergistic, high-performance teams
  • Maximize the return on the significant amount of time invested in recurring sales meetings
  • Boost team morale and job satisfaction
  • Create the perception of the sales coach as one who is credible, provides value, and inspires teamwork and self-development
  • Inspire a peer coaching environment


  • Learn a process and skills to help sales managers more effectively use recurring sales meetings as an interactive forum welcomed by salespeople to train and practice as well as celebrate successes, dissect failures, plan strategies, and evaluate results
  • Practice specific techniques to encourage involvement and participation so that the sales team “buys in” and becomes more responsible for the quality of the meetings
  • Practice debriefing strategies as another way to help the group assume responsibility for meeting successes and failures rather than leaving all the burden on the coach
  • Refine interpersonal skills and add to the coach’s credibility by maximizing his or her sensitivity to what is said “in public”
  • Implement a “Decision Minutes” format for action planning that helps ensure team participation and productivity

Audience:  Program content is highly customized to any level, from new to experienced sales managers

Delivery Options:  Available through one-half day classroom delivery (Richardson-led or train-the-trainer), one-on-one coaching, or webinar; wide variety of relevant books and support materials to embed and sustain learning are also available.

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