Sales Training Testimonials

Here are a few client testimonials about Richardson's sales training solutions

Over 2,500,000 professionals in over 50 countries have experienced a Richardson sales training program.

Testimonial 1

"Quite simply the most effective sales training available in an overcrowded industry. The keys to assimilation of the learning are keeping common threads throughout all Richardson curriculum and the customization and delivery to the consumer products industry. Our sales personnel look forward to each Richardson class, and we have been growing at double digits for the last four years."

— COO, Leading Communications Company


"We want to share the results of our Richardson seminar. It was a HUGE success! Rating a 5.73 on a scale of 6.0 - the highest rating a training program has gotten here."

— Dean of Corporate University, Major Financial Institution



"Richardson did a fabulous job. All I can say is that IT WAS AWESOME! I've been to tons of sales seminars, but I have to say this was absolutely the best program I have been through. You'd never know the facilitators didn't work for our company.  Great job!"

— Assignment Manager, Global Professional Staffing Company


Testimonial 2



 "The training worked its magic. The participants listened and put forth great effort in the skill practices and role plays. The feedback so far has been tremendous. There are requests for follow-up coaching from the managers."

Development Manager, Financial Services Company

Testimonial 3

“Going into the call, my rep anticipated talking about investments first, but when they used your needs dialogue model, they learned the client wanted to talk about another need. They talked about this for 3 hours — really drilling and going deep into what was on the client's mind and what they wanted. We won the prospect's business $400,000 - $500,000 in direct revenue from our various services."


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