Return on Investment

How do our training solutions impact you? Click the following for a few quick roi examples.

How do our training solutions impact you? Here are a couple of quick roi examples. 

Leading Software and Hardware Manufacturer Financial Impact: The company was 139% of goal last year with 44% year-over-year growth. To kick off this year, they started off 136% of goal and 116% Q1'07 over Q1'06 growth in the same accounts with a much smaller region. << Learn How
Major Telecommunications Company Financial Impact: $26,000 to develop and deliver training for one division, with ROI of $265,000 in three months. << Learn How  
Major Computer Manufacturer

Financial Impact: There was a $317 return for every dollar spent on Richardson training. << Learn How

Leading Financial Institution

Financial Impact: fees up 18% and when compared to the program's total cost, the coaching event represents an initial ROI of $739,000. << Learn How