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“Richardson is not just an industry leading sales training provider,” said Michael Rochelle, chief strategy officer of Brandon Hall Group. “Richardson’s unique approach to improving performance is a testament to how all training should be developed and delivered.  Any organization that works with Richardson will benefit from their wisdom and prowess well beyond improving sales force effectiveness.”  

Richardson delivers company and industry-specific training to achieve results. We add value because of our strong roots across business sectors. For a few samples of our award winning work, we have provided you with access to some client case studies.

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SunGard - Selling the SunGard Way

SunGard needed a strong partner to help create a better sales structure and a culture to support and nurture a new organizational sales mindset. The company turned to Richardson for its broad experience in global sales training and strategy execution. SunGard leaders knew Richardson to be a strong learning organization that had the tools, sustainability and infrastructure to have a deep impact on the sales team and change the company culture.

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Wellpoint: Developing Healthy Sales

After a series of mergers, each of the sales groups within Wellpoint had different methods, language and cultures. The Vice President of Sales recognized that something needed to be done to ensure everyone was working from the playbookIn conjunction with Richardson, Wellpoint decided upon a three-pronged approach. First there would need to be a diagnostic phase where the organizations could identify how the sales team currently lined up with the competencies. The next stage would be the training itself, tied directly to the competencies and targeted to meet the specific needs of each group. This would involve courses, workshops and role playing exercises. The last phase would be reinforcement. Access to an on-line materials and training for managers to continue coaching the sales team would ensure the training was not simply a one-time event. << Click here to download

 Financial -  Richardson's Clients Deepen Relationships and Better Capitalize on all Opportunities


Our client is a diversified financial services company. They are undertaking a transformation that will change the way the firm approaches clients. They recognized the need to ensure that all Sales Professionals were able to communicate a consistent message about the new Wealth Management value proposition.  Richardson developed a two-day Team Selling seminar that emphasized using a Consultative Selling approach in all types of client interactions. Additionally, Richardson designed a seminar on Coaching the Team for Managing Directors and Regional Managing Directors, that focused on coaching applications centered on aspects of the sales process covered in the Team Selling seminar. << Click here to download


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