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White Paper: Maximizing Deal Value with Sprint Negotiations

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maximize deal value with agile negotiation skills

April 12, 2022White Paper

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What’s Inside

The strongest selling skills have little value if they are undone by unproductive negotiations.

Building agile negotiation skills enables sellers to realize the full value of the sale.

In Richardson Sales Performance’s white paper, Maximizing Deal Value with Sprint Negotiations, we share specific skills that lead to optimal terms to drive revenue and preserve relationships.

We show why:

  • The concept of the “negotiation continuum” influences the size of the win
  • Every successful negotiation relies on four key principles
  • Converting a customer’s demand to a need preserves the value of the sale

The video below shares an overview of the tips explored in the white paper

For more insights, download this white paper to learn how to empower your sellers with the knowledge, confidence, and skill to reach mutually beneficial outcomes without losing the value of the sale.

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