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Virtual Instructor-Led Training Workshops

VILT for Sales Teams

Sales organisations operating in an era of global instability are seeking solutions to continue salesforce development in light of travel restrictions.

As leaders look to video and digital technology to supplement their performance initiatives, they are looking for assurance that they aren’t sacrificing quality.

Using live, in-person training is a well-known enabler of enhanced sales performance and competitive edge. But replicating the effectiveness of live training in a digital form means more than just presenting in a virtual meeting with slides. To get the impact of live instructor-led training without the cost and risk of travel, a truly effective virtual solution must be implemented to drive sales results.

Virtual Instructor-Led Sales Training Workshop Delivery

Richardson and Sales Performance International have invested to create just that. Using video and digital technology and 40+ years of sales and learning expertise, we built our Virtual Workshops, a robust set of virtual instructor-led training programmes that replicate the experience and impact of live, in-person training.

The video below provides a brief demonstration of the virtual sales training experience.

Richardson and Sales Performance International’s Virtual Training Classroom Offering

Learn more about the virtual instructor-led training by downloading the brief: Virtual Learning – Rethinking the Possibilities

Each VILT workshop is led by a highly skilled sales Facilitator and consists of 4 four-hour sessions using Zoom Video conferencing, making the content more easily digestible and reducing time away from customers.

Some key features of Virtual Workshops include:

  1. Video, used by both the Facilitator and all participants, to increase engagement and learning
  2. Interactive tools, such as polling, chats, and breakout groups, to replicate in-person small group work like group drills and role plays
  3. Simple, lightweight Zoom interface and home-printer friendly workbooks to make it easy for sellers to log on and easy to interact
  4. On-the-job assignments are given between sessions to extend the action into the flow of work and report back what they learned. (Secret: In many ways, our virtual instructor-led training beats what we do in a live classroom — because we rarely get to come back and see how they did with the learning in their customer conversations!)

vilt course structure

A Digitally Enabled Learning Architecture

Virtual Workshops are delivered as part of our digitally enabled learning architecture, powered by our blended learning platforms, Richardson Accelerate™ and SPI-1. Effectiveness means readying salespeople with an assessment of their strengths and gaps and teaching them core concepts before the Virtual Workshop.

Once there, that valuable time is preserved for application of newly learned skills and targeted feedback from the Facilitator.

Post-workshop work includes mastery of knowledge gained and critical digital practise activities so that the skills stay front and center long enough for new habits to take hold.

Benefits of Virtual Training

VILT delivers the following benefits:

  • A practical approach to train a group of geographically dispersed team members
  • Reduced cost for travel, facilities, and equipment rental
  • Reduced time out of office for travel
  • Half-day format enables balance with customer work
  • Content digested in shorter periods of time
  • Allows for on-the-job application in between sessions to drive adoption

The chart below compares the benefits of VILT vs. traditional instructor-led training in greater detail.

benefits virtual instructor led training chart

For more information on virtual instructor-led training download the brief: The 4 Benefits of Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Participant Materials

All participants in a VILT workshop will receive:

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Home Office Printer-Friendly Workbooks
  • On-the-Job Assignments
  • Resource Guide
  • Learning Content Map