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Video-Based Sales Training Inspires Sellers to Move From Good to Great

Where do people go when they want to learn a new skill? They look for videos on YouTube.

High-quality “skills” videos to help your sellers learn about key concepts and strategies, remember them, and revisit them anytime, anywhere. Showing concepts in action helps sellers visualise themselves in the situation and even think about how they could do it better.

Richardson Sales Performance’s digital learning platform, Accelerate, inspires sellers to improve their selling skills through a highly personalised learning experience. It is a learner-centered approach where video-based scenarios, game mechanics, and interactive activities teach sellers essential skills and deliver learning when and where it works for the learner.

The video below demonstrates how video-based coaching shows sellers the difference between good and great selling behaviours.

To learn more about Accelerate’s video-based sales training, download a complimentary program brochure by clicking here.

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