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Build Selling Capabilities that Make a Real Difference for Your Team

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    The World's Top Sales Organisations Trust Richardson Sales Performance


    At Richardson Sales Performance we have experience and a research-based perspective about the competencies that make a difference to sellers, and sales managers.

    We compliment the framework with a connected curriculum of skill-development programs and an aligned measurement strategy to ensure that once you’ve defined what good looks like, we can drive measurable and predictable sales outcomes.

    If your organisation already has a role-based competency framework – or you know the sales behaviours you are looking to drive on your team – we can start there to align the right behaviours, knowledge, and confidence to deliver the outcomes that matter to you.

    In either case, our collaborative approach focuses on three fundamental questions:

    • What observable behaviours will ensure top performance within a given role?
    • What key concepts support and define the successful execution of these behaviours?
    • How will we measure performance to gauge behaviour change and identify the need for ongoing support across these key behaviours?

    Our collaborative process for aligning role-based sales competencies with clients follows four key steps:

    1. Determine our Starting Point: Select the appropriate mix of your pre-existing competencies and our role-based behavior inventory through which to define targeted knowledge and behaviour.
    2. Validate Behaviours and Knowledge: Validate the discrete and measurable behaviours, knowledge and experiences that must be addressed to ensure seller performance
    3. Identify Learning Journey Attributes: Identify the specific learning topics, manager support tools and measurement strategies that will be used to drive behaviour change and measure progress
    4. Design Learning Journeys: Defined standardised learning journeys for each role and create prioritised implementation plans based on baseline assessments and organisational need

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