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MedTech Sales Training Programmes

Richardson offers custom training programmes designed to support the initiation and cultivation of connections within the MedTech industry.

Select MedTech Sales Training Clients

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Build the Virtual Skills Your MedTech Sales Team Needs to Connect with Customers in the Modern Era

As hospitals, labs, and other MedTech buyers limit physical access, MedTech sales organisations and healthcare systems have invested in adapting to new ways of interacting. Although many thought the adaptation would be temporary, many organisations are realising the benefits that remote, digitally-enabled interactions can produce. As a result, it is clear that virtual selling will play a continual role as we move through the current environment and beyond. As this new model grows, sales representatives face many challenges when trying to gain routine access to an increasing number of stakeholders. 

Some of these challenges include:

  • Surgeons overwhelmed with the backlog of deferred cases
  • Office staff, nurses, and physicians are inundated and, in many cases, re-organising their offices and ensuring the health and safety of their patients.
  • Conversations and interactions are not spontaneous occurrences, but rather planned dialogues that are scheduled based on the physician’s/customer’s need or interest
  • Stakeholders that are interacting directly with patients find access and time allocation waning in the face of other more pressing priorities.

Given these and associated obstacles, medical device and technology sales professionals need to enhance their digital communication skills so they are better equipped and prepared to generate the interest of customers, gain access and schedule appointments for more in-depth discussions. And once discussions are scheduled, the goal is to make those discussions productive, compelling, and valuable to the customer in a way that deepens the relationship.

This is a time when there is a true opportunity to differentiate and become the trusted partner who embraces change to deliver ongoing value while demonstrating a sensitivity to the current environment and an interest in the customer, the practise, and patients.

MedTech Sales Training Solutions

Equipping sales professionals to succeed in this new healthcare environment means ensuring they have the specific skills, strategies, tools, and best practises to move through each phase of their pursuit, from gaining access to conducting successful conversations that win and expand business.

MedTech reps trying to reach potential buyers need a framework for reaching physicians and other healthcare providers, using marketing-approved messaging and savvy use of clinical data to demonstrate their credibility and to initiate qualified business opportunities. Reps now require a more strategic approach that builds trust, demonstrates value to the physician/customer, and creates a foundation to strengthen the relationship.

How you prepare, who you leverage to gain access, and what you say and do when requesting access all contribute to your ability to be successful with Physicians, Total Office, Hospital Administrators, and other buyers.

In the current environment, healthcare professionals are even more pressed for time, making the absence of face-to-face meetings easier for them to disengage and end the call. This leaves the seller with a narrow opportunity to establish their credibility. With an agile consultative approach, Reps can embrace change to bring value to the call early and often by offering insights and sharing ideas that are relevant thereby earning the right to ask questions that build credibility and form a stronger connection.

Our instructor was excellent at making sense of and breaking down the information in a very relevant and useful manner. I have learned more in these sessions than any other training in this industry! Hopefully, we will have more opportunities to learn from this company's expertise.
Sales Professional, Boston Scientific

Training Programmes for MedTech Sales Teams

Richardson Sales Performance offers a Connected Selling Curriculum™ that helps pharmaceutical sales organisations find, win, and grow more business in today's environment. We're seeing the programmes below support our Pharma customers particularly well:

  • Virtual Selling: Empower your sales team to more effectively engage customers in virtual meetings. This programme equips pharma sales professionals with the skills and techniques to increase credibility, create connection, foster openness, and build trust in a virtual setting to drive momentum and win sales opportunities.
  • Evidence-Based Solution Selling: Teach your team to leverage the language and principles of evidence-based medicine to help their healthcare providers solve clinical problems. Participants leverage tools and a repeatable methodology to establish personal and data credibility while delivering the customer experience that healthcare providers expect
  • Gaining Access with Sprint Prospecting: Takes an in-depth look at the critical dynamics of reaching new customers. Training includes exploration of four powerful elements that will increase your team's effectiveness in gaining access to HCPs.
  • Consultative Selling: Focuses on the critical structure of a sales conversation or customer meeting and provides a powerful roadmap for a successful, buyer-focused dialogue. The Consultative Selling Framework provides salespeople with a consistent, repeatable process to execute their sales conversations more effectively.

Brief: How Healthcare Reps Can Succeed as Industry Challenges Emerge

Download the brief to learn three skills that help sales professionals adapt to emerging changes in the healthcare industry.


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