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Three Easy Steps in Building your Mobile User Persona

Three Easy Steps in Building your Mobile User Persona: The digital boom has helped marketing and sales reach new heights.

From conventional print, radio, and television, to the viral, social selling activities, online marketing, and now mobile, the pattern of business development strongly suggests that it will follow the type of medium most used by people.

Smart Insight reported that mobile marketing will be vital in the success of marketing and demand generation campaigns for businesses this year.

However, there are a lot of factors to consider if you want your mobile demand generation campaigns to be more effective. Start by building mobile user personas necessary for your campaigns.

But first, what is Mobile User Persona?

Mobile user personas are essentially your ideal target market classified in different personalities depending on how they use their mobile devices, the type of mobile devices, how they consume content via their gadgets and a slew of other factors. It basically provides sales and marketing with ways to identify customer motivations, habits, personalities, expectations, and goals.

Building such personas will allow you to create strategies based on the mobile habits of your ideal customers, which can lead you closer to reaching your goal/s.

How to create mobile user personas quickly?

Building personas for your mobile demand generation and prospecting isn’t really different from defining your target market. The only difference is that you are categorizing them based on how they consume content and use their smartphones and tablets as well as how you can use this set of information to better introduce your brand.

It only requires three simple steps to build personas for mobile users. Here’s how:

1. Interview and research

Similar to building a buyer persona for your products and/or services, you will have to be able to get information on your own by interviewing possible clients/customers and researching about what they like and dislike. Interviews and surveys can provide you with insightful feedback about your target market with more in-depth information.

Consider including the following questions in your survey form to help you out:

  • What do you like and dislike about using mobile to find information regarding potential vendors?
  • What features do you expect to see on a mobile application or website?
  • How often do you visit websites or use search engines to find information?

2. Identify all the necessary information you need

Mobile users are highly diverse. There are some that use their phones for gaming and music, others for work and study, and then there are those who just use the device’s most basic functions. These factors will have to be listed clearly for you to create an effective persona.

Additional factors, such as the type of Internet connection they are using is also needed for this campaign. Not all mobile users are able to use faster 4G data connections such as the iPhone 6 Plus as some smartphone are only able to use 3G. Content viewed on these mobiles has to be light, fast, and interactive. Take note as well that other features of smartphones and tablets can be used for your campaigns such as the camera, processing power, battery, screen size, and built-in ePayment systems (if applicable).

This article on how to create detailed buyer personas may help you in this process.

3. Develop the personas

By this time, you’ve already gathered enough data that will help you in creating personas for your mobile targets. There will be some patterns and certain characteristics that will help you categorize them. It’s easy to start with around 3-5 personas first. If it helps, you can make use of persona templates available online.

These three easy steps that will get you started in building your mobile user persona. As you go along with your demand generation campaign, it will help you to have a read of our previous post on micro-moment sales and marketing to help you restore the balance in the market.

Today’s blog post was exclusively submitted and written by The Online Expert

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