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Video: Examples of Effective and Ineffective Upselling in Customer Service

Customer service

customer service professional sitting at a desk with a telephone headset talking with a customer to better explore their needs so she can offer insights and expanded options to resolve them.


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Service professionals have a unique opportunity to expand business with existing customers. With the right approach, a service professional can be the driving force behind the next sale.

Here we provide two examples of a customer service professional attempting to upsell during a call. The first demonstrates an ineffective approach to upselling, the second demonstrates the skills required to successfully enhance the customer's experience and earn more business.

How not to Upsell in Customer Service

In the video below, we provide an example of a service professional missing an opportunity to understand the customer’s broader needs and deliver enhanced value.

Notice how the seller:

    • Fails to pique the customer’s interest and explore their wider needs
    • Misses an opportunity to build rapport by acknowledging the customer’s challenges
    • Does not tailor their positioning points or seek feedback

How to UpSell in a Customer Service Conversation

The video below shows a service professional seizing an opportunity to understand the customer’s broader needs and deliver enhanced value.

In this scenario, notice how the service professional:

  • Keeps the customer engaged by encouraging them to describe their wider needs
  • Ensures that the conversation is personalized to the customer’s challenges
  • Uses a clear, three-part structure when positioning an expanded solution

This video is from a learning module in our AccelerateTM Sales Performance Platform. Learn more about this powerful learning tool here.

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