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Train, Coach, Reinforce: Best Practices in Maximising Sales Productivity

Richardson Sales Performance is pleased to offer you a complementary report from the Aberdeen Group called Train, Coach, Reinforce: Best Practices in Maximising Sales Productivity.

Aberdeen’s research provides an in-depth and comprehensive look into, procedure, methodologies and technologies with best practice identification and actionable recommendations. This report will help you discover how you can achieve Best-in-Class results for your sales team.

The report takes a hard look at Sales Training, which remains one of the most consistently deployed enablers of sales effectiveness among business-to-business (B2B) companies. Contemporary business development teams are well aware of the dual external pressures of increasingly well-educated buyers and savvy, aggressive competitors; as a result, the top performers continue to provide increasing amounts of training and performance support resources for their front-line sales reps and managers.

Five Compelling Facts from the Research

  1. The reason why sales training is a “must-have” rather than a luxury is clear: with an aggressive average annual sales quota of $1.063M among all respondents ($1.208M among the Best-in-Class), and an average deal size of $183k ($176k for the Best-in-Class), the need to have well-prepared and effective sales discussions at a highly professional level necessitate a polished and educated conversation at every stage of the selling cycle.
  2. 83% of all sales reps in Best-in-Class companies achieved quota in the last year measured, compared to 52% among Industry Average companies and 6% for Laggard firms.
  3. Annual revenue growth averages 15.4% for the Best-in-Class companies, 5.6% among the Industry Average, and a decline of 1.5% among Laggards.
  4. Best-in-Class companies report a yearly growth in average deal size of 5.3%, versus 0.7% and a decline of 2.6% respectively of Industry Average and Laggard firms.
  5. Best-in-Class companies report a 100% average team attainment of sales quota in the last measured year, compared to 74% and 36% respectively for Average and Laggard organisations.
About the Author

Richardson Sales Performance is a global sales training and performance improvement company. Our goal is to transform every buyer experience by empowering sellers with critical skills so they can create value to buyers and drive meaningful conversations. Our methodology combines a market proven sales and coaching curriculum with an innovative and customizable approach to learning that ensures your sales teams learn, master, and apply those behaviors where and when it matters most — in front of your customers. It’s our job to anticipate change in your industry so that your sales team can focus on fostering long-term relationships, becoming indispensable partners for their buyers.

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