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Video Learning Transforms Good Sellers into Great Sellers

Video learning is a modern solution to sales training challenges. Not only does it enhance learning outcomes and help make the learner’s journey more engaging, but it also solves the practical problem of providing consistent training across geographically dispersed teams.

That’s why it is not surprising to find that it is being utilized more and more frequently in both in-class and online learning environments. Here are a few reasons why video-based instruction is so powerful:

  • Video instruction illustrates theory in a real-world context. It engages users in ways that lectures and PowerPoint presentations cannot by bringing lessons to life with characters and storylines that increase engagement and retention of lesson content.
  • Video-based learning modules are powerful tools that promote autonomous learning. Learners have the power to rewind and re-watch segments they did not understand the first time around or to revisit the content months, or even years, after the initial training.
  • Video learning compresses complex concepts into easily digestible content. According to Forrester Research, 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Just imagine how much more information your learners can absorb when you utilize video learning in your sales training mix!

Video Learning Example

Check out the clip below from Richardson Sales Performance’s online sales training program, Accelerate, to see for yourself the way video can enhance the learning experience, and ultimately, your sales team’s performance.

Meet Tim and Liz. Tim has reached a critical point in the sales dialogue, and he must figure out a way to resolve Liz’s objections in order to close the deal. On the surface, it might seem like Tim is doing a satisfactory, perhaps even good, job of addressing Liz’s concerns, but when the video highlights Tim’s critical mistakes, the message of the instructional video is clear, and the lesson is one the learner won’t soon forget.

About the Author

Meghan oversees the planning and execution of all marketing and demand generation activities for Richardson. She is responsible for managing sales enablement and sales support efforts, creating new business opportunities, increasing company, product, and service awareness in existing and dormant accounts through integrated campaigns, partner marketing, product marketing, and international marketing programs.

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