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Video Blog: Insights on How Marketing Contribute to SunGard's Successful Sales Transformation Initiative

Sales and marketing alignment is vital when establishing a solid content marketing strategy. Content is not there for only marketing to use and publish, but also exists to enable a sales team to go out in the field and speak to their customers in a meaningful way.

Many companies are trying to train their sales organizations to provide insights in order to add value to the customer conversation.

Successful-sales-transformation-selling-the-sungard-wayOver the past year, Richardson has worked very closely with SunGard to help implement an Insights-based sales training program. In the video below, Lucia Marchese, Head of Marketing at SunGard Financial Systems, sits down with Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO of Selling Power, discuss their successful sales transformation at SunGard and the benefits of a newly aligned marketing group and sales team gained through content sharing and thought leadership practices.

Watch the video below to learn how SunGard implemented a content marketing strategy as a part of their Successful sales transformation.


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