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Advanced Sales Training & Talent Retention

sales training retention

agrodnitzkyJanuary 22, 2019Blog

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Great salespeople always have options, but today's tight labor market means that it is harder than ever to keep your sales talent in-house. Advanced sales training is a great way to reinvigorate and motivate your top talent to keep them performing to their highest level of  excellence.

Advanced Sales Training Keeps Top Talent Engaged

In this video blog Richardson Sales Performance CMO, Andrea Grodnizky, discusses the impact investing in advanced sales training can have on keeping your top talent engaged.

Richardson Sales Performance’s High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues program is an advanced sales training and dialogue skills program that will help you better engage your top performers. The program includes a collection of dialogue models that apply an advanced consultative approach, skills, and techniques to engage in higher-stakes dialogues needed to advance alignment, drive momentum, and win deals.

The advanced sales training program will teach your team to:

  • Assert their perspective by developing and sharing a clear and compelling point of view message in a way that creates openness and receptivity on the part of the customer to see a new or different perspective
  • Raise risk to preempt late stage concerns and address stalls or delays
  • Uncover and address critical areas of stakeholder misalignment needed to reach agreement on the right course of action
  • Move beyond their comfort zone and gain a current contact’s agreement to arrange a meeting with a senior-level decision maker
Contact us to learn more about this advanced sales training program.
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High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues Training Program Brochure

Build advanced sales skills to help your team manage high-risk, high-reward conversations with customers.


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