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Sales Training Case Study: 63% of Training Participants Improved Quota Achievement by Refocusing on the Customer

The Challenge

Cummins was suffering from a segmented approach to selling. Disparate groups engaged customers in different ways. In fact, the only commonality among the silos was a transactional selling model that ignored the specificity of the customer’s needs. The business discovered that they needed a cohesive selling system that could increase opportunities with existing and new clients. Empowering sellers with a new set of skills could serve the dual purpose of boosting effectiveness and helping them develop longevity within their careers at the company. Meeting these challenges meant adopting a consultative framework. Cummins partnered with Richardson Sales Performance to teach their sales professionals new ways to understand the customer and deliver solutions that engaged those specifics.

The Results

74% of participants reported an increased in closed sales post-training.
88% of participants reported the training was worth the investment with 67% reporting that the ROI was at least 2X the cost of training.
Sellers saw an average increase of 12% in new opportunities per quarter.

“I won an opportunity by applying my listening skills, providing a solution to the customer’s needs and utilizing the correct product for their application.”

Sales Associate, Cummins