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Philadelphia, PA — October 10, 2018 — Richardson Sales Performance, a leading global sales training and performance improvement company, partnered with Training Industry to examine what sales professionals value in a sales academy. They conducted a nationwide survey and received responses from more than 360 sales professionals. The findings include responses across 17 different data points to build a complete picture of what capabilities and tools selling organizations need to succeed today.

Participants responded to a range of questions, including the effectiveness of their sales training, how that training was delivered, and the relevance of those skills. The results are critical for any selling organization seeking to build a sales academy, which is a structured system for training and developing a sales team.

A strong sales academy is critical in today’s environment because sales professionals increasingly work in teams and need to be a cohesive group. With a sales academy in place, leaders know that each team member is working from the same group of core skills. Training like this boosts engagement, which is a key driver of business outcomes. The findings in the report come directly from those in the field selling every day.

Some of the research reveals that:

  • Effective sales training balances instructor-led training with digital learning
  • Strong Sales Academies address different sales roles within a complex selling organization
  • Understanding the market and growing existing customer relationships is critical today
  • Outcome-oriented sales training follows a structured learning path that focuses on the long term

The research offers leaders a blueprint for building a sales academy. With insights from in-the-market sales professionals, they can structure training that fosters skills that are relevant.

Learn more about the research by downloading the report here.

About The Author: richardsonsalestraining
Richardson Sales Performance is a global sales training and performance improvement company. Our goal is to transform every buyer experience by empowering sellers with critical skills so they can create value to buyers and drive meaningful conversations. Our methodology combines a market proven sales and coaching curriculum with an innovative and customizable approach to learning that ensures your sales teams learn, master, and apply those behaviors where and when it matters most — in front of your customers. It’s our job to anticipate change in your industry so that your sales team can focus on fostering long-term relationships, becoming indispensable partners for their buyers.

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