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Philadelphia, PA — June 15, 2017— Richardson Sales Performance, a leading global sales training company, today, announced that it has launched its new program, Team Selling, a program is designed to teach sellers how to utilize their organization’s resources to build the right selling team and get those team members working together to execute in critical customer meetings.

“Sales is now a team sport, and to win you have to build and manage selling squads that work in complete alignment―not just during client meetings, but before and after, as well,” says Michael Dalis, Senior Consultant for Richardson Sales Performance and author of their new book, Sell Like A Team.

The Team Selling Program guides you through the process of creating and managing selling squads that execute and win in every sales meeting or pitch. Winning selling squads are fueled by trust. There is an effective leader and every member knows his or her role. They plan, practice and make adjustments together. During customer meetings, they execute as a unit.  And afterward, they debrief together so they can advance the sale, replicate the high points and eliminate the low ones in future meetings. In today’s competitive market, the difference between the winner and all the others is a lean at the tape.  There’s a world of difference between teams that are qualified and those that win. The program, based off Dalis’ new book, acts as a guide that provides everything you need to create and organize selling squads that win more and win big.

To learn more about Richardson Sales Performance’s new book Sell Like A Team, written by Michael Dalis and published by McGraw Hill, click here.

About Richardson Sales Performance’s Team Selling

Richardson Sales Performance’s Team Selling examines the critical aspects of building and driving high-performing selling teams. Team Selling unlocks revenue by teaching sellers how to utilize their organization’s resources to build the right team for a presentation and get those stakeholders working together to execute compelling pitches that add value for buyers and win business.

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