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Master the Critical Aspects of Building and Driving a High-performing Selling Team

Research on B2B Buying Behaviors reveals the number of people involved in B2B solutions purchases has climbed from an average of 5.4 two years ago to 6.8 today. Clients arrive at meetings ready to give all stakeholders a voice and to look behind the curtain to the people who will own the work after the sale. Team selling training prepares your team to exceed client expectations during large meetings.



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Team Selling Training Program

The Team Selling training program approach is based on the book Sell Like a Team:  The Blueprint for Building Teams That Win Big at High-Stakes Meetings by author and Richardson facilitator Michael Dalis. The book examines the critical aspects of building and driving high-performing selling teams.

The Team Selling training program unlocks revenue by teaching sellers to utilize their organizations’ resources and build the right team for a presentation. It equips them with the process and skills needed to align resources to execute compelling pitches that add value for buyers and win business.

Team Selling Training Program Business Benefits

Training your sellers to build team selling skills drives revenue for your business.  Following training, your team will:

  • Improve agility and win rates against tough competition at high-stakes meetings
  • Expand deal size and scope by leveraging cross-departmental capabilities
  • Maximize sales meetings throughout all stages to advance the pursuit of qualified deals
  • Elevate the customer experience via better alignment with multiple stakeholders within a selling team


Key Areas Of Content:

Building a Unified, Well-Prepared Team

In this program, we teach sales professionals how to select a team that demonstrates flexibility and relevance in customer meetings to produce an exceptional buying experience.

A Build Process

In this program, we equip sales professionals with a framework that includes best practices for pre-meeting, meeting and re-group. We teach your sales professionals how to create, organize and practice prior to big customer meetings, how to execute successfully as a team, and how to re-group as a team post-meeting.

Content Grounded in Behavioral Science

Our content is grounded in behavioral science. The focus on behavioral science across our program matters because we know that buyers make decisions based on both logic and emotion, an important and often overlooked component in both buying and selling. In fact, the emotional component of buying overrides the logical one. Sales professionals familiar with behavioral science concepts improve their ability to connect with customers because they have a greater understanding of their customer’s biases and their own. This helps them to more objectively evaluate opportunities and challenges, avoid aggressive behaviors, and reach their goals.

Program Delivery Options

Our Team Selling Program is Available in the Following Modalities


Our VILT solution leverages video and digital technology and 40+ years of sales and learning expertise. Our virtual classroom replicates the experience and impact of live, in-person training by using interactive tools such as polling, chats, and breakout groups, to ensure time for small group work like group drills and role plays.


Our onsite, Instructor-led workshops are an experience. We use a ‘Learn-by-Doing’ methodology, where sellers are actively participating in role plays, problem solving, and brainstorming exercises. They also receive intensive coaching and feedback throughout the onsite program by the best facilitators in the business.

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