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Richardson’s up-selling and cross-selling sales training Build the skills to keep current relationships strong and uncover opportunities 


Existing clients present a wealth of opportunities.  Yet while they can be your best source of additional business, many organizations struggle to take full advantage of existing relationships.  Think about the collective knowledge your total sales team has about a client organization as well as the fact that it costs four times as much to sell to a new client than it does to a current one.  Especially in a difficult economy when business is slow and budgets are limited, it is extremely smart to increase your sales team’s cross-selling skills to build client loyalty, communicate the most persuasive value proposition for “keeping it in the family,” and to gain a larger or even dominant share of your client’s business.

Richardson’s Cross-selling Program teaches the analytical process and business skills to keep current relationships strong and uncover opportunities that may not be readily apparent.  Participants strengthen their ability to engage in strategic dialogues, leverage the full resources of their team, and successfully implement an individual/team cross-selling strategy.  Participants practice highly customized scenarios to more creatively think about a client’s needs and identify a broader range of opportunities, gain higher and wider access into a client organization, set strategic meetings, more effectively position a cross-sell idea, and implement a “we” vs. “I” sales strategy.  The result of the training is a two-dimensional view of cross-selling — understanding how to cross-sell within a client’s organization as well as how to internally obtain resources, prepare specialists, sell as a team, debrief, and win the business.

Business Benefits

  • Shorten the sales cycle while closing more sales
  • Expand how a client organization views and values the ability of your organization to meet its full range of needs
  • Build client loyalty by showing your organization’s interest in understanding their current and future business objectives


  • Strengthen the ability of the sales team to position and leverage your organization’s broad range of resources to meet client needs
  • Provide the skills to sell deeper into a client organization by more effectively engaging executives in strategic cross-selling dialogues
  • Learn a cross-sell process which includes recognizing cues, creating the right team, gaining the appointment, extraordinary preparation, the cross-selling dialogue, resolving tough objections, following-up, and closing the business
  • Help salespeople to think “big picture” about their client’s needs and “think team” about their internal organization

Audience:  Program content is highly customized to any level, from new to experienced salespeople and their managers

Delivery Options:  Available through one-half to 1 day classroom delivery (Richardson-led or train-the-trainer), online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinar

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