Selling to Executives & the C-Suite Training Program

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Richardson can help your team sell more effectively to CEO's and senior decision makers in your clients' organizations.


Individuals in C-Level positions have their own unique style of processing information and making buying decisions.  For example, compared to the V-Suite, this upper echelon of executives have broader visions, sharper focus, are less accessible, and have less time to spend in sales conversations.  Your sales approach and communication style must mirror these very specific attributes if you want to win business from senior executives and be seen as a long-term trusted advisor.

Richardson’s Selling to Executives program helps sales professionals build relationships with and sell more effectively to the C-Suite.  The program helps participants think more analytically about the characteristics of senior executives, then work to align their own communication and sales styles accordingly.  Participants then work to align their own communication and sales styles accordingly.  As a key tool, participants learn a six-phase process for orchestrating the executive meeting or presentation and practice applying the process in highly customized scenarios geared towards the opportunity of selling to the C-Suite.  Participants also practice strategic skills such as gaining access, securing key meetings, leveraging Centers of Influence, uptiering, cross-selling, and positioning value, all with the goal of being perceived over time by senior decision makers as trusted advisors and preferred providers.

Business Benefits of Selling to the C-Suite

  • Increase the amount of business awarded by executives at senior levels in an organization
  • Increase your sales team’s confidence and success at winning complex, competitive deals

Objectives of the Selling to Executives Program

  • Build sales effectiveness by applying a six-phase process to winning business at the highest levels in an organization
  • Increase your credibility, influence, and need-based communication skills with senior executives
  • Increase effectiveness of presentation materials by better understanding how economic buyers prefer to receive information
  • Leverage the skills used at selling in the C-Suite to conduct more effective internal meetings with senior management in your own organization

Audience:  Program content is highly customized to any level, from newer to experienced salespeople and their managers 

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