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Video-Based Sales Training Inspires Sellers to Move From Good to Great

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richardsonsalestrainingOctober 17, 2017Article

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The Importance of Using Video-Based Sales Training

Where do people go when they want to learn a new skill? They look for videos on YouTube.

Videos are also crucial for building a universal understanding of what ideal selling is. As researchers at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard explain, trainers need a video “library that helps establish a common vision of what excellent, rigorous instruction looks like in their own context.”

High-quality “skills” videos to help your sellers learn about key concepts and strategies, remember them, and revisit them anytime, anywhere. Showing concepts in action helps sellers visualize themselves in the situation and even think about how they could do it better.

Sales professionals understand the impact of their efforts; much of their salary is tied to their performance. For this reason, they are driven to understand what optimal selling looks like.

Managing Viewer Expectations

Sales professionals expect high-quality content because time out-of-market carries opportunity costs. Therefore, quality learning content is crucial.

For example, today’s learners have high expectations for video content. Moreover, low-quality videos suggest low credibility. Quality comes from moving beyond the outdated conventions of video, no talking heads. Learners need to know what great looks like. The videos should be crisp, clean examples of how sales professionals can leverage skills to win the sale. Concepts should be manageable at three to five minutes max.

The video below demonstrates how video-based coaching shows sellers the difference between good and great selling behaviors.

To learn more about Accelerate's video-based sales training, download a complimentary program brochure by clicking here.

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