White Paper: Characteristics of a World-Class Sales On Boarding Program

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All the time, money, and effort that go into hiring sales employees can be wasted if the right program isn’t in place to bring them on board quickly and effectively. Without the proper introduction to your company, your way of working, and your expectations for results, new hires can easily fail to live up to their promise — or their potential. The longer it takes them to learn the ropes, the more sales opportunities are delayed or lost to competitors. It used to be enough to present new hires with a Day One overview of the company, introduce a few colleagues, hand out pertinent reading material, and pair them up with a seasoned employee for a few weeks. Now, it’s imperative to immediately begin immersion into the company’s culture and methodology, train new hires faster and more effectively and provide adequate coaching and support in the field. With the right kind of sales on boarding program, employees become more productive in less time and contribute more to your company throughout their careers. This white paper explores the characteristics of a world-class sales on boarding program.

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