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eBook: 5 Tips on How to Use a C-Level Executive in a Sales Meeting

Sales performance improvement

c level executive in sales meeting

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What’s Inside

In the competitive world of selling, it is natural to seek a turbocharger equivalent to boost your performance in a sales meeting.

At times, this means asking a C-level executive — i.e., CEO, CFO, CIO, etc. — to join a sales meeting or presentation. A C-level executive may be able to help advance a sale or retain a relationship, and in the process, build your credibility with a client and even your colleagues.

Download the eBook: 5 Tips on How to Use a C-Level Executive in a Sales Meeting, to avoid common missteps:

  • Unrealistic expectations to transform a poorly prepared team
  • Assuming that they know "what to do" in a presentation
  • Differences in the level of importance the deal carries to different stakeholders

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